TV Clothed in Wool

I've watched a lot a preacers on TV and from my experience, a lot of them are phony. I'm not saying that all of them are phony but a good majority of them are. If one is newborn Christian or even an unbeliever, it is very hard to spot the illegitimate preachers who are complete heretics. It's so important to read and examine scripture for yourself before taking someone else's word about Scripture. That's the easiest way to be mislead. Now one my not agree everything a preacher or even another believer my say. I'm talking about the secondary doctrines like predestination and election, once saved always saved, or infant baptism. Legitimate Christians have had opinions or beliefs about those subjects and many more for centuries. So when I'm talking about these fake preachers on TV, I'm not talking about said subjects.
There are a few types of preaching or ministries that are way out line with the beliefs of Christianity. The one I hate the most is the ones that sell miracle whatever like prayer shawls, oil, water, Jesus' blood oil, and jewelry. Those ministries are so bogus it makes my blood boil. I've sat and watched them basically read a verse that has nothing to do with anything they're trying to make it seem and then tell you to dial a number to buy something. What? Another type of preaching I can't stand is prosperity preaching. It clearly sends the wrong message. The message basically is that if you have, you are blessed and if you're not then you're living right or you'e not doing something right or something. I'm not saying that God want us to be poor but I am saying that the Sovereign God I serve didn't die for us to have Rolexes and Bentleys. Why would He die for something we can't take with us? If you have those things, good for you. But I know according to the word of God that if God blesses us, we bless others. That goes for those ministries that also say that you should sow to get something back in return. That shouldn't be the motivation for giving because according to the Word of God, we shouldn't give to expect something in return but out of the kindness of our hearts. Yeah we will reap what we sow. But reaping shouldn't be our motivation. Helping other's should. Ministries prey on the weak with that typ of teaching that tell yous to invest a thousands dollars according to some scripture that has nothing to do with money or giving it away.
It's terrible on TV when it comes to the gospel but as I said earlier,though rather few, there are actually some good sound Christains on television. So why are they on the same exact channel as the fake preachers? Now I question the network that allows that content. Why don't they screen those who apply to have their ministries broadcast on their network? Are the heads of these networks even Christians? Or are they ultimately using Christianity to play on people's emotions to get money such as which isn't even ran by Christians themselves. I'm always attentive when it comes to preachers on TV. The Word tells me to test every spirit. It's real deep and deceptive out there. I suggest you do the same.     

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

I don't watch much TV and when I do it's very selective. But I know what you mean I grew up in a City that had a few of the best of your blog content. Feel much the same way.

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