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Wassup ChristianBlog and everyone reading this! I'm excited to contribute who i am to the world. I get to leave a digital fingerprint on the web for anyone who may stumble upon my blog in the present and also after i'm long gone. My name is Thomas but everyone calls me TC. I've been walking (sometimes stumbling) in the way since 2009. I've had some setbacks of course and today I'm not perfect either but I've come a long way. I wanted to start this blog so that I could just share my thoughts or insights based on my life's experiences and the things that i go through on the daily. I'm not about to preach or give scripture everyday (good for those who do), I just want to be down-to-earth and simple. Lol I guess deep down inside I want people to see Christianity from a different perspective; everyday life. It's easy to get some inspirational verses and write sermons without your personal life being exposed. Think of this as a personal journal. I'm going to talk like it's just me and you. You know how the book of Esther never mentions God? Yet it's a biblical book and we see God's fingerprint all over that story. I'm not comparing my blog to Esther but in that sense is how i want my blog to be written. I'm not going as far as not mentioning God at all though but i hope you get the point. Some supporting reasons on why I'm starting this blog is that i want to meet other Christians and see what they have to contribute to the world as well. I want to gain new friends and network throughout God's kindgdom.
I'm open for comment and discussion but not for argument. I may bring some thought provoking issues to the table and I'll respect anyone's opinion. I'm not here as a know-it-all but to share and fellowship. I'm sure this will be a journey worth going on. I'll share my testimony on how came to Christ in later entries (those are always inspiring) but i want my whole blog to be a testimony. I'll be attempting to write everyday to keep things fresh. I plan to keep this blog for a while but who knows what the future my hold. I may get married with kids one day and this blog will slowly move down the priority list. lol But for now I'm all yours. Enjoy!

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

Looking forward to more. Nice start.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I smiled when I read about leaving a "digital footprint" because speaking from the voice of experience you will. I began blogging here nearly 11 years ago and over the years I have had "old blogs" get read and commented on. That is something I have tried to remind new bloggers here who can get discouraged if they don't see comments all the time on their blogs. Remember, if you felt inspired by God to share something and write about it, that blog will not be written in vain. At the right time, even if it was just for one person, they will stumble across it. Also remember, sometimes that one person is you. :mrgreen: I've had that experience too. Something I wrote years ago, resurfaced for some reason and the words I wrote then are the words that I needed to remember now.

:welcome: to CB! May it bless you as it has blessed me.

John B. Abela @johnabela ·

Welcome to CB!

Eliah Bul @eliahbul ·

Welcome! I hope you are well!

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