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I NEVER want anyone to feel as though I'm better than them. I couldn’t relinquish the right to relate towards those that are unsaved because of loftiness of mind. I'm a competitive person but I'm never in competition when it comes to being a Christian. Like, I'm not trying to be a better Christian than you. Yeah I'm striving to please God but I'm not motivated by trying to beat you at it. 
Everyone has their sphere of influence that God has granted to every one of us. And those that are leaders are called to disciple and ''parent'' those that are new in the faith. We all know that right? Well I bring this up because I've gotten attacked before because of my leadership. There's this particular guy who really thinks in his mind that I'm trying to compete with him. He's one of those outwardly spiritual guys who thinks He's Jesus himself. He's real arrogant and immature and has never once stepped down from his pedestal since I've known him. And for the last 6 months he's been a real pain. When I first met him, he tried to drape me off with all this big talk about Him personally knowing all these TV preachers (which no proof has been shown) and how anointed he was. My spirit instantly told me that I was around a straight phony. I'm not going to go as far as to say he's not saved cause I'm not God. He may just be an immature Christian but I know when someone is trying to run game on me and I know a phony when i see one. And for the record I don’t even hold TV preachers in high esteem! I honestly believe that most of them are phony! But that's another topic for another time. (That entry will be fun to write!)
But anyway, the other day I found out that he's been slandering me to those that I disciple (which is only a few) by saying that I'm spreading false doctrine. (Because I don’t believe that all Christians speak in tongues). He also told one of my little brothers in the faith that the reason he wasn’t experiencing his breakthrough was because he was hanging around me! That got to me a little bit because he tried to turn someone close against me and although I know he's phony, I've never once told anybody that they shouldn’t talk to him (although I've sometimes wanted to). 
I honestly don't even try to be leader. It just happens. People gravitate towards me (which is the Holy Spirit's doing). I'm and extrovert as well so I'm easy to talk to. This is how God made me. I don’t have to try to be that. This man that is slandering me tries so hard to be someone that he's not just to be looked at as someone important and ends up coming up short every time. If God calls you to lead he'll provide opportunity for you to do what He's called you to do. You don’t have to force it. So how is he coming up short? He has sacrificed his position to relate to those that are unsaved as well as those that are new in the faith because he has made a huge gap of excellence between him and them. And now everybody knows he's a phony from him trying to spread false accusations about me. He still has a couple of new converts under him but I pray that one day God will open up their eyes as well. 
You know I try to keep it genuine with you so I have to say that I was thinking about confronting him and calling him out in front of everybody at one time. He made my soul that uneasy. I hadn’t met someone THAT arrogant since I gave my life to Christ. lol But God took care of it and allowed me to see that I wasn’t the only one seeing what was going on. Keeping my focus on God I felt at peace. I almost took the bait and allowed the thought of competition that he had in his mind, to become a reality. I speak to him though and I pray for him (reluctantly lol). He doesn’t' even know that he's shown me something about myself that I need to work on. Loving those I don't even like. And i'm not giving him the satisfaction of letting him know he showed me that. Because I still don't like him lol.

Joseph John Golden @josephjohn ·

he needs to read and study 1st Corinthians. great blog and will keep you in prayer

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

There is a biblical system in place for dealing with one who is causing division. Speak to Him alone and if that does not work take with you an elder and speak with him again. Always remembering that God Himself will remove him when and if he chooses.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Remember Matt 5:44

But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

This is your first and only move until you are led differently, otherwise you will be drawn into his web acting in your own strength and judgement.

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