Birthday Wishes My Dear Mother@blest

There are no words to describe how much I wish i was with you... Its weird not being able to see you and tell you in person..

When I lost my mother when I was 18 ,everyone said... Be Strong... But what i wished to hear from them was... "This is going to hurt you..but we are there for you " I always... wished and still i wish mother was alive... But Yes..My All Knowing God blessed our relation..We were just prayer patner..but I strongly believe..It is God OuR Abba Father..who strenghtened our relation..Thank you mamma..for giving me the priviledge to call you mother... Your Prayers... your caring messages..helped me a lot through my hard times I encountered... ..

Birthday Wishes My Dearest Mother... ..I know this Birthday will be really hard... This is my prayer for you

"You will keep my dear mother in perfect peace... whose mind is steadfast,because she trusts in you" Isaiah 26:3

I LOVE YOU..No matter what... .

Deepa N @deepaanne ·

Thanks Tina for the Blog.

Beth, wish you a very Happy Birthday. Pray that God will wonderfully reveal His love for you on your Birthday.

Beth M @blest ·

:cry: Oh, my Tina... oh my Tina...

Thank you so much. I cannot WAIT to meet you in person in Eternity... wish it could be sooner.

I love you dearly and thank God for you.

You are so very special. Never forget that.

No matter what... :joy: Ummah

Thank you so much. So very much.

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