David s secret of success

David did great exploits for the Lord. His zeal and devotion for the Lord and His great feats as a king is recorded extensively in the Bible. As a young man he killed the giant Goliath who challenged the mightiest men at that time. He was so anointed that when He played the harp, evil spirits fled. He was a man after God s own heart. How was it all possible for David? He was never trained by anyone in the word of God. No one taught him how to battle a giant. He being the youngest was, in fact, the most ignored by his family amongst all his elder brothers. Something interesting was happening with David, when he was left in the distant fields as a little shepherd boy. From morning to evening all he was doing was to walk around the sheep and to care of them. Yet, in this seemingly monotonous job of a shepherd boy, God gave him so many amazing experiences, which no one around him ever knew about. David loved the Lord with all His heart. So He would have been looking unto God for all His needs. He rejoiced in the Lord. Once a lion came against his sheep and the Lord was with him and helped him tear the lion. Sometimes we complain that we don t have the opportunities, we complain that we are left in wilderness. But it is at these times that the Lord stretches and sharpens most of our skills and increases our faith in Him. No one may see what God is doing in your life at these times; instead they may be only seeing the struggles you are going through. No one was there to clap hands when David tore the lion, but a time came when God used his experiences in the wilderness to save thousands of Israelites. People were amazed when he killed Goliath with just a stone. Most of the times, God does the deepest work in our lives in the secret. Your tears during the lonely times, every single miracle that you experienced personally during the wilderness, every deliverance God gave you when you were in the toughest times are all going to be what God would bring to the fore front one day to bless many more. God is in control over every situation of your life. Don t lose heart if you feel that you are in the wilderness today. Trust Him, love Him and rejoice in Him and never give up.The time will come when the Lord will use you and make you a great blessing to millions.



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Another excellent message . . . keep them rolling :clap:


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