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My first blog message: Praise the Lord !! knowing christ should be the first most important thing in our life.we should grow in christ daily.our lives first priority should be God.even god has informed us about this ,if we look in to genesis chapter 1 ,the first verse itself says 'in the beginning...' that means in the beginning of each and every thing in our life we should acknowledge god,which is very very important.moring spent some time with god,do the work ,god will give you strenght and wisdom..like wise in the beginning of afternoon..in the beginning of evening...in the beginning of night..god surely loves to see His child being with him.he really wants his child to be with him always.. "as a newborn baby,i desire the sincere milk of the word that i may grow thereby." 1 pet 2:2.as we all know there are 31 chapters in proverbs,we should take an initiative in reading proverbs one chapter per day.example today is 22nd of april.just read 22nd chapter of proverbs and meditate.like wise continue till 31st viceversa.make a habit of reading bible daily

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Most Welcome Sister :welcome: Yes, God is the beginning of our faith and the beginning of our new life on this earth. May we walk with Him to the end for He is also the Beginning and the End.

Thanks for sharing your first blog. Do enjoy your time here. Continue to share and I look forward to your future blogs.

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Beth M @blest ·

I never read your first blog, Tina!

This is Perfect.

Just perfect.


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