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God is working on all of us; and in each of us in a different way - taking us from where we were to where He wants us. On the way, He wants us to think through all the issues He presents to us, so that we can fully agree with Him that we are doing what is right, and pleasing to Him. He does not want us to do things just because other people think it is right, but because our conscience is at peace and eager to do His will. It may well be that other people might think differently, but they are not us! Nor do they have to give an account of our life. So although it is important to take the advice of wise Christian people, we alone are answerable for each decision and action. Neither do we have to justify our conscience to others, so there is good sense in keeping faith with God and silence with others. If you believe that the Lord has called you to some decision or action, do not let others condemn you. However you need to be fully convinced and not double-minded. Moving ahead with God is a life of faith. We will never be able to see the end from the beginning - that is God's privilege. But it is not a sin to step forward without doubting, indeed that is the reality of faith. So we need to learn to think through the decisions we make, and be settled in our hearts that they are in line with God's Word and the Holy Spirit who monitors our conscience. Then we should go ahead in the confidence which He gives. Hope you all are enjoying my blog,you can give me suggestions also. Wish to make more friends in Christ..God bless


I enjoyed your blog, it reminds me how we are all diffent members of Christ's body. Many times one member doesn't know or understand what another member is doing, because as different members of the same body, we all have our different tasks and abilities to complete those tasks God calls us to do.



I totally enjoyed reading your blog and I believe it is spot on with much of what we are seeing here on CB. Blessings and continue blessing others through your anointed writings.


Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Sister Tina, yes continue sharing for you share blogs that are enjoyable. I agree with you. When we make a decision about anything, let no man change our mind and make us go astray.

When we have heard from God and are deeply convinced that we should follow His instructions, so be it. Let no one or anything brings confusion to our decision. Stand firm! :wink:

Thanks for sharing

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Tina Edwin @tinaesanil ·

Thanks a looot dear sister..truely ispiring comment..dont knw was totally depressed for some reason.just finished my prayers..saw ur message.expecting your spiritual support and guidance..love to be good friends...

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