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A spiritual man will take time to listen to God, every day. A phrase that occurs frequently in the very first chapter of the Bible is this: "Then God said". God said something on every one of those first six days, when He remade the chaotic earth. And each time God spoke, the earth became a better place. So, right there on the very first page of the Bible we learn one very important truth - that we must hear what God has to say every day. And if we submit to what God tells us every day, we will be transformed into better and more useful Christians. There's a lot of difference between hearing what God has to say to us and just reading the Bible. Remember, it was people who studied their Bibles daily who crucified the Lord. They studied their Bibles but they never heard God speaking to their hearts (See Acts 13:27). That's the danger we face too. And then, we can be as blind as they were. Genesis 1 also teaches us that God wants to speak to us every day. Jesus once rebuked Martha for being busy with so much work instead of being like Mary who sat and listened to Him speak. Our Lord went on to say that what Mary did was the ONLY necessary thing in life . We must all have the attitude that Samuel had, who said, "Speak Lord, your servant is listening". What did we see in the very first page of the Bible? Whenever God spoke, something was immediately accomplished: Light was produced, the earth came up out of the waters, trees, fish and animals were created, etc., Bible tells us that the Word which goes forth from God's mouth will never return empty without accomplishing what God desires and without succeeding in the matter for which it was spoken. God speaks to us through many ways. He speaks to us primarily through His Word. If something is clearly written in God's Word, then we don't need to pray to find God's will, because it has already been revealed. God also speaks to us through our circumstances. Our Lord has the key to every door and when He opens a door no-one can shut it and when He shuts a door, no-one can open it . So our circumstances are very often an indication of whether God wants us to go along a particular way or not. We don't have to bang away at a door that God has not opened. We must of course pray, when we see a door shut. But if after repeated prayer, a door still remains shut, it may mean that God does not want us to go through that door. We must ask God to show us if this is so, or whether He wants us to continue in persistent prayer to open that door . God also speaks to us through the advice of mature, godly brothers. Such men have gone through many experiences and they can warn us of pitfalls that we are unaware of, ourselves. We don't have to blindly obey them, but their godly counsel can help us. God often speaks to us, while we are fellowshipping with other believers. Thus He teaches us our dependence on other members of the Body of Christ, even for revelation on His Word. God always has something important to say to us, whenever we go through a trial or when we are sick. God also warns us through the failures of others. God can also speak to us when we hear news of evils being done somewhere or of accidents that have taken place. Develop the habit of listening to God. This is the single most important habit that you can ever develop

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Very informative and insightful discussion about how God speaks to us. - bibleguy


Amen sister Tina . . . continue witnessing . . . you are a blessing.

In Jesus,

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Enjoyed the message. I did notice a few words, "when He remade the chaotic earth". A view old earth folks use :mrgreen: . There is nothing in the text, or any other text, that would suggest that there was a 're-making' somewhere in Gen. 1:2. Or anywhere else. The world was destroyed by water, in the flood, but nothing was re-made, even then.

"If something is clearly written in God's word, then we don't need to pray to find God's will,, because it has already been revealed". Amen to that. I suppose it is the 'clearly' part that is discussed so much. At another forum, a person used the text about a hand, foot, and eye, (Mark 9:43-48), to basically say we may need to cut them off. Personally I believe they missed the teaching there, but they were still serious about it, and how to define 'clearly' I guess. I suppose they had a point. Such a sect would be easy to identify, so I don't see any around here.

I have a few favorite, private places, I go often and "listen", and pray. About to now. Perilous times, and getting more so. God Bless Sister. In Christ, billy.


Good blog Tina. It is impossible to be a spiritual man without listening to God. To be spiritual is to walk by the Spirit, i.e. listen to His voice!

Aside from that it is one of our richest blessings! Our awesome God desires to fellowship with us. There is no other religion where God comes down to man. May we continually attune our ear to his voice.


Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

The rhema word of God will change everything in our lives when we hear from Him directly from Heaven. So it's important to learn to hear His voice and His leading for He will lead those who will listen.

Thanks for sharing, Sister Tina

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

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