Our Attitude Really Matters ...

"PRAISE GOD IN ALL THINGS , AND IN ALL THINGS SHALL HE BE PRAISED . HE IS HOLY AND WELL DESERVING FOR OUR PRAISE ." Attitude dont have to be permanent.You have the ability to choose between negative / positive , discouraging / encouraging. If your mouth spews out a perpetual stream of negative comments , you are probably suffering from polluted thinking , you must choose to cleanse yourself of it. You can do that by replacing negative thoughts with Positive , Godly thoughts. Remember that you are a child of GOD , and royal blood of heaven is flowing in your veins. You have been created a little lower than the angels.You are an heir and joint heir with JESUS CHRIST. You are Loved !! You are Special !! Keep in mind.. A man is not finished when he is defeated ; he is finished when he quits. So dont whine; its time to shine You can refer : proverbs 23:7 , Isaiah 26:3 , Romans 12:2 Phil 2:5 , 2 Timothy 1:7 Hope you enjoyed reading this blog.Request you to give your valuable suggestions and read my other blogs when time permits.God bless you and family.. GOD CAN CHANGE OUR ? into ! (Question mark when made straight becomes ! ) OBSTACLES SHOULD BE SEEN AS OPPORTUNITY ALL PRAISE AND HONOUR TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER


Thank you for this encouraging blog, and letting us know how we can improve our being. - revelationist

Alan Nethery @shadowalker ·

Good points, Tina... Attitude is all important, but along with it, we must make the choice to do the hard work of affecting the changes that Christ is showing us is needed in our lives.

Lovely blog... looking forward to reading more of your thoughts and witness.

God Bless! :pray:

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Darlin, do you know that this blog has had five recommendations? ANd it deserves every one, for this is lovely.

Tina Edwin @tinaesanil ·

Thank you so much bethu for the encouraging words.. :heart:

God bless you and family..

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