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From Joseph to Jesus what our God was trying to teach us? 1. JOSEPH The Lord is working in our lives and He makes everything work for thegood of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.The Lord even turns the evil intended to harm us into good. Sometimeswe may not understand or enjoy the process He takes us through tofulfill his work in our lives. But later we will look back withgratitude and amazement at the process which God took us through tofulfill His plan for our lives. Joseph in the Old Testament wentthrough a very difficult and painful process in his life. His brothershated him and sold him as a slave to Egypt. He was greatly distressedat that moment and pleaded with his brothers to spare his life. Butlater in his life after the Lord had established him as a ruler overEgypt , Joseph realised the hand of God in his journey of life.God wanted to preserve the descendants of Abraham through Josephin order to fulfill His covenant with Abraham. And through thedescendants of Abraham the Messiah the Lord Jesus was born. Theexperience of Joseph has continued to bless the people of Godthroughout the centuries . Thus God had a great purpose for the lifeof Joseph to make him a blessing not only during his lifetime but alsothroughout human history to inspire His people. The Lord is working inour lives all the time. Sometimes we may not understand what the Lordis doing in our lives. At such times we must simply trust the Lord andbelieve that He has a purpose in what He is doing . The Lord Jesustold Peter, while washing his feet ,that although Peter did notrealise the significance of what Jesus was doing at that time, hewould be able to understand it later. Sometimes we may also go through such experiences. Sometimes it may appear as though the Lord is not doing anything in our lives. At such times we must realise that God is always working in our lives , Sometimes God works secretly and behind the scenes and He will reveal His work to us when the time is right. 2. NAOMI Naomi had a bitter experience in life. She went to Moab with herhusband and two sons in search of a better life. Sadly she lost herhusband and two sons during her stay in Moab. She decided to return toher hometown Bethlehem. One of her daughters in law Ruth decided toaccompany her back. When they came back everyone was excited at thereturn of Naomi. But Naomi told them not to call her Naomi which means pleasant but instead to call her Mara which means bitter . Naomiwas very discouraged . She thought that there was no future for her.But the Lord had a great plan for her. Her daughter in law Ruthmarried a wealthy man named Boaz and had a son named Obed. And Naomihad the responsibility of bringing up the child and the child wascalled the son of Naomi. In her old age the Lord had a great purposefor her life . The Child whom she brought up was the grandfather ofDavid in whose lineage the Lord Jesus Christ was born. We must not get discouraged by our present circumstances. Through the eyes of faith we must see the blessings that are waiting for us . 3. ELIJAH When Elijah faced danger to his life from Jezebel , he got discouragedand prayed that he might die . He told God it is enough .let me die . He felt that it was better to die than to live . Elijah had justdemonstrated the power of God in a bold challenge to the prophets ofBaal by calling down fire from heaven. But soon after that he fellinto a great depression and discouragement. He could not see anypurpose for his life to exist . He did not realise that God still hadwork for him to do . But the Lord sent His Angel and strengthened himand told that he still had a long way to go . There were still manyimportant tasks that God had for him to fulfill. He had to anointkings for two nations and also anoint his successor Elisha . Andmoreover it was God s plan for Elijah that he should not see death andthat he should be taken up alive upto heaven in a chariot of fire.Elijah in his state of discouragement did not realise the gloriousplan of God for his life and instead prayed that he should die. Butthe Lord encouraged him and helped him to fulfill his life s purposeand destiny. Even in our lives sometimes we get discouraged due to heavy burdens and pray that the Lord should take us away and that we had enough of this world . But we do not realise that we still have a long way to go and that the Lord still has much work for us to do .The Lord wants to encourage us to go on and accomplish all the tasks that he has assigned for us to fulfill in this world. 4. PETER Peter had a great calling on his life. But he stumbled in his faithand denied the Lord Jesus . Peter got discouraged after thecruxifixion of Jesus , he decided to go back to fishing . And a fewdisciples, instead of counseling Peter not to do that , decided tojoin him in fishing . But after fishing all night they caughtnothing . The Lord Jesus was watching the actions of these discourageddisciples . And in the morning Jesus was standing on the shore whenthese disciples returned from their fishing expedition . He did notrebuke them in anger but instead he lovingly enquired about them andperformed a miracle for them to catch a multiitude of fish . He evenprepared food for them and invited them to dine. Then he asked Peterthree times whether he loved the Lord and Peter replied that he did .The Lord then told Peter to go feed His lambs and sheep . Thus theLord lovingly restored Peter to the call of God on his life . Even in our life the Lord is watching us when we go through periods of discouragement and feel like going away from the call of God on our life . He comes to us in such moments and with much love and kindness encourages us and performs miracles for us and re-establishes us in the call that He has placed on our life. 5. PAUL The Apostle Paul was committed to fulfilling the purpose of God for his life. He did not get discouraged when he faced sufferings for thesake of Christ. He realised that his imprisonment was actually helpingthe spread of the gospel in the Palace . Therefore he rejoiced thathis sufferings were helping to fulfill the purpose of his life. We have the wonderful promise that all things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose. Therefore when we realise that everything is working for good because our lives are dedicated to the purposes of God , we will not get discouraged when we face trials because we know that all these trials are only fulfilling the purpose of God in our lives. 6. JESUS. The Lord Jesus was totally committed to the purpose of God. He had total faith and confidence in every situation that He faced. Jesus had this confidence because His life was in total harmony with God. Healways lived a life that was pleasing to God . He always carried outonly the will of God. He only did what He saw the Father do. Jesus submitted Himself to the cross because that was the purpose of Hislife on earth. He knew that all His sufferings were only fulfillingGod s purpose for His life. He told Pilate that he had no power overHim except what is given from above. Jesus knew that His life was totally in God s control and not in the hands of any man including His enemies. When we are committed to the purpose of God in our lives wecan also have this same confidence

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