59 here and 67 over there!...

Accordin' to my calculations I have 59 freinds who visit me here in this hemisphere and 67 on the other Sydney Australia and China sector! I lost 27 freinds here so I'm ahead 59 67-27=...I don't know, we doing pretty well! And I wonder if I could be my own freind?!... Somethin's revealed by God is only a plate God could digest! Let look the Book of Zachariah and fasten our seat-belts!... I have a letter here: quote: ...In lookin' at thin'gs at the Book of Zachariah and Joshua is before the Lord and he has filthy garments and the Lord tells the ange close by to clothe Joshua with good garmet! And it looks good and then bad and then good and bad! First of all we don't want to be clothed by an angel but by Christ!... And why does Joshua have filthy garmets from all his courageous adventure, Jericho and such for the Lord! Defeatin' the Amalekites so ugly them! And even if we lead the people of God to some promised land and have some sort of good lookin' ministry and we count that our courage will count for something?!... All it will get us is filthy rags before the Lord!...And plus you won't meet Christ but an angel to clother you with some kind of good lookin' apparel we are supposed to be good persons, aren't we and courageoous too! And that counts double lots!... And let's look at somethin'g else now is Joshua and Zerubbabel before the Lord in wonderful apparel and with the Lord's signet ring of authority found in Haggai!... And we would call rather him Zero-Babel! Or in modern browsers that's Zero-Talk! Or Zero-Words! Or Zero-Bible you know God's word! And what is the bible but law and this cooks down to Zero-Works!... And God's grace is based on Zero Works and not on courageus undertakin's with can only bring and angel to dress you up and not anybody really worth going to heaven for!... And Zero-Achievement test score bring you a singne ring from the Lord! Your Zero person are the one who will be authorized to preach the gospel of Zero things! And the Lord wants to call those who have Zero luck and Zero merit of any! And those he likes! They will stand before the Lord and they will not need another change of clothin' because the Lord is their garmet! ... So Zero in on this concept and you will stand before the Lord for sure!... end quote: thbg


Yes-He takes us folk and clothes us with the white, pure garments as we preach in humility! Thanks for sharing and may He Bless you richly Brother Frank! Dave

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you Dave for your kind word of comfort for me and all of us this new mornin'! Thank you for you prayes my machine is workin' more like it should! And feel more at home with it!

Thanks so much!



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