A Byte to Pick with my Journal...!

added: 07/14/09 1:12pm... Journal Entry...Fathers Log: Now you listen here Journal or Turn-all or what ever you call yourself, I pay the rent here, and I write what I want to, and you are to follow orders...! No. I'm not loosing my mind! I just had an argument with my Journal. I can get hold of him him, her or it or what ever it is when I need it!. It does sound like a problem marriage! "I pay the rent around here...!", " Where are you when I need you...?!" and " I do as I want to and you follow orders around here...!"... I hope you are not in the recieving end of this conversation. It's just a Journal! A thing! An object!...Is that what say to those we most esteem, like your wife or someone who has become less than human for me or you...? Family violence a modern day trauma and tragedy. Why did we suddenly decide to take up this issue? It's 2:00Pm in my town, hot outside and the prime time and hour to have a sense of hopelessness come over me, you or someone. We aren't hungry or thirsty or naked or need of shelter, but how shallow our life is! Our spirit is bankrupt and our sail have no wisp of wind in them. We begin to feel the first sign of a burnout life. We've come to the dead end in our walk. Our bibles dusty with last weeks days. Where is the exciting, abundant life of Jesus in all of this? Where have we stopped trusting and believing God? Our life is just not producing spiritual fruit! To where shall we turn? Whom shall we call? Why is God so distant in this hour of hopelessness? Has God abandoned the land? Has God lost his espectacles and can't see clearly through our fog? Our fellows act the worst when we are feeling the least able to deal with them. What is the road that leads out of this managery? Today we are just defining whether God is talking to me on this issue. Stay tuned. Clean the dust off the bible. Are you ready to be delivered? Yes? No? Don't know... May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

Deborah Pinnell @dpinnell5 ·

i was a bit confused, but i reread slowly and i think i get where you are coming from. i pray you will elaborate later and let us know what becomes of your talk with GOD.

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Well my first message from God was unexpected. I wanted to send my son in Nebraska a watch I repaired. I was going over and over with my head and God whether there was money left in my desolated debit card to pay UPS. And the Lord confronted me in my turmoil of a sort. It was a hot muggy day and I was beginning to doubt wheter it was a good idea in the first place? What if the watch is returned? And this and that...

It suddenly dawn on me that I did not trust God in the little things. I was to concerne with the logistics of every day life. I missing out on something important. I really needed to know that I needed to trust God. I was more concerned about a repaired watch than really intently meditating on God and his wonderful care for me. I came home and my mother was in a mood to quibble. I thought I need to write this blog again and send it ASAP to me, Pronto!

Just when I was glad in Jesus Satan come along and bring a whole new batch of heart ache. Still quibbling the little stuff. And again I wonder where my God is. And again I wonder if God has abandoned the land. Does God see? If I confused you a little, I'm glad in Jesus that you think where I'm coming from- poverty of desolation. I have everything but the Devil want me make poor in the most basic thing that really matters- my, your basic trust and faith in God.

The fight continues to make my God the Lord of my life and sanctify him in my heart. Trust me the Devil, Satan we not afford us the luxury of rejoicing in God, even in my own house...



Wow thanks for making that clearer THBG :)

Diva :heart:

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank 'dpinnell5' and 'cowgirldiva' for you kind comments, amen and kudos. Thanks and things have become clearer for me too today. Today I have re-dedicated my committment to worship God. It's such a beautiful morning here in my town this morning, a perfect time to make all things anew with my God...Yes like the lyric says, this it the time worship. Thankx and I hope you too, your God has become anew for you as well. May God have everlasting dominion and glory. Amen.


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