A certain fearful tug of the Lord to miss the train!!!...

I finally got my book on mexican folk fables from the hold section of the public library at the community college!!! They have been there a week!!! I owed the college some certain book check-out late fees!!! And when I paid the fees the attendants prompty gave me the books I had for spell thought they were back on the rack shelf!!!... And I took to read my first fable!!! And it was frustration reading about a traveler who missed his train and waited for it all night!!! And the box-caddy kept giving him the runaround as to when his train would arrive!!!... He kept telling the weary traveler, with his briefcase on hand, fables and useless facts about thing he did not need or need to hear!!! And he heard everything but when the waited train would come so he could go to his town!!!... And we have here God's people whose train will never come and take them to the promise town Jerusalem in heaven!!! They hear all the fables and facts about everything about the other trains, train station, train stops, all the facts, but they never come clear to whom their train will come???!!!... And we in the middle of the night are on the onset of missing a train that will never come!!! And it is fearful to be waiting for something that will never come, for us anyway!!!... If we only had the right information of where to catch the train that goes to the Promise Land Town!!! But no, we are stuck hearing fables of what the truth is!!! And this train caddy, the devil keep telling things we don't need or need to hear and much less believe and his does his work and waste our time!!! We could of been of the train that God is on if we have listened to the Servant Jesus who know when that train is coming and at what hour...!!! May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

Ted Foy @following ·

Nice illustration and message. Thanks for sharing and be blessed.


Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you Ted for you kind word to this message. I made a return visit to the college library. And to just see who is God calling today or tonite!!! Do we collegians get a A or a B or or C in this message??? Perhaps we collegians get mere D or just plainly say I could of be reading the newspaper or watching a doctor counseling show on TV???!!!...

And I know that all the award winnig blogs will not convince anyone!!! And those who are bound to miss the train are just in that lot!!! And I check my pocket to see if my wallet is still there!!! God says, "You best not be stoppin' trying to find my people!!!...You do not want to loose one of my lambs stranded out there the night waiting for my train!!!..."

I'm like flip-flop circuit, on-off, red-green, top-bottom!!! We just pray that we convince people that God's Peace Train will come and he wants it full!!!...

I publish this same message in another site!!! And God is doing something over there!!! Don't let them take you crown and get on the Peace Train!!! All aboard Now!!! Full Steam Ahead to the Promised Land, Heaven!!!...


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