A conversation with God one day.

Dear God let's get down to basics. I've just finished writting a blog. I thought it was good, but then I thought it was sour. Why is your word sweet to the mouth but bitter to the belly? I really didn't think I had achieved my purpose. Perhaps I think or thought it was not your will God, for I never read about it, but I really wanted to reach the loneliness in people and visit their bitter dispair. I really beleive you are the answer and have the answer. But I really have no clue where to start or how to go about it. I'm led to believe that that you God, might have brought this affliction upon me for a purpose. This bitter, lonely taste to my soul, may be so that I don't dismiss the plight of others in the same situation. But how do we get into people's wavelength without loosing on ours? How can I talk to some one when they are looking the other way and tuned to a different station? I've studied how a miser life can lead to a miserable life and state of mind. I get up, I sit down, lay back, walk to and from across the room and house, day and night, but I can seem to find the escape the misery of desolation! Do we need people, things, technology, food, entertainment, diversion, what fullfills a life? I hear Jesus is the answer, but what do I do when the walls want to eat me up? I go out of the house then I come back inside. I read then I write, I pray then I fast. I call then I watch. But I haven't been able to reach the loneliness of hearts. My life is filled with stress. I have lite moments here there, now and then, then the loneliness returns. I read God's word, then understand, sometimes share, then the loneliness is back again. I just can't wait till' I find the wavelength of the lost, talk their language, come into thier house and eat with them. But I know it's going to happen. God says,"Ask and it will be given, seek and you shall find, knock and it will be openned...". I mourn and mourn but I know it's going to happen! I or the Lord is going to find the coin he's lost, that lost sheep, that lost son that keep him awake day and night in heaven. But it's going to happen, in any moment, God will find that lost sheep and when he finds him or her, he is going to party! I just thought you might want to know what happens in my room, in my house every day and night. I really wanted touch your lonely moment, but I haven't a clue and to how to do that. I really wante to know what make you mourn and weep. Pray for me and you, with all supplication that God finally talks to my life and yours and help us escape our affliction. But I know God mourns too while he too waits and search the world for his lost. amen.

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