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Recently I wrote a blog in where one of the viewers made a comment that said that he did not approve of me focusing more on myself and not really focusing more on God's word. And I thought that was a fair statement. And we do want to be more focused on God's word. But I want to say that I wanted to project myself in the most humanly as possible because I learned that when I confess my weaknesses then I know I have power to face my short comings. But then he was right- we don't want to focused on the self but on the Diety of Jesus Christ and on the contents of his word. So we open our devotional today to see where that will take us. And it takes us to what we've been saying. It says in Jn. 12:25 "Anyone who loves his life loses it, but the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life..." And the reflection on this devotional is that to ask the question if we are focused on self love. But what does it really mean to hate your life in this world? Paul makes a comment that if only for this life we have hope on Jesus we are of all men the more pitiable. When we watch the news and read our newspaper we can certainly understand that this world is not to loveable. Sometime the greatest task in this life is to keep an upper chin to bear what happens in this world. And we don't want to be covetous of this life and it's things. But this kind of statement can saw you in two. Hebrews. Because one of the greatest virtues is to be thankful in all sitations, even in this life. One of the greatest feats of shrewd management is how to live a life that make sense and worthy of existence in this world. But the statemen to hate this life for the sake of the gospel is for our own good. We have to live everyday like there's no tommorow and at the same time plan for another day, week and year and even you whole life while we live here in this life. But what the statement really means is the act of separating you mind-self from the cares and worries and fears of this life. Its' a call for life management where we have control of what goals we take and live confidently and not in fear. The devil would love to have you focus on the cares of this life and worry 24/7! But God wants you to remember and have a concienceness of the eternality of the gospel and that God want us to experience the kingdom now. The confidence, the trust, the peace and all of those good things of the spirit. God wants to leave the orphanage and come to accept him fellowship with a life of daily prayer and meditation on his word. To experience a sabbath even from our own make up that want to grid us down. Yes God want us to hate our life of worry and stress and to not worship our problems but to put them on God's hands. He can deal with them. And when it comes to our problems, thats the last place we want to be selfish and focus on our own selves and limited resourses. May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

Michael Mills @mkmills ·

dear thbg,

I think there's room here for both types of blogs. If someone feels led to ‘preach' so be it. If another shares personal stories from their life experiences, that can be appropriate, too. Doing that isn't necessarily a sign of focusing on ‘self.' Many of the short stories I've written over the years, whether fiction or non-, come from events God has brought into my life. I have especially enjoyed bethy's blogs, some of which are allegorical stories...like the one where she talked about her husband loving cruise control. It was great!

I personally would like to see more blogs from real life experiences of the members. I believe they serve to draw us closer. After all, even Jesus told stories to make many of his points. But that's only me. I'm sure others appreciate a more theological, or sermon-type approach.

In short, it's not an either/or, right/wrong issue. Both forms of blogging have a place. God has provided us with only one way to come to know him through his son, Jesus Christ. Ahhh, but there are thousands, no millions, of roads leading to our Savior...each one different...each, a story of redemption and grace.

Keep on writing what our Lord places on your heart. Then listen for his ‘responses.' They're the only ones that count....


Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·


I fully agree with Michael. Sharing of real life experiences help to make helps make our journey more, well, realistic! The spiritual is by nature intangible. If we limit our discussions, our exchanges to the etheral, spiritual level we provide little to those struggling to understand.

And it really helps when those such as bethy are able to put things into a humorous mode, it certainly shows that following a Christian life need not be with enjoyment and joy.

I think where we lose ground is when we say "look at me and what I've done through Jesus." The reality is: "Look at what Jesus has done for me."


Alive in the Word

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you Art and Mike for your support in this matter. Thank you for your kind insight and wisdom. It's comforting that when we cut a new road for the gospel and we have trouble, we have each other to lend a hand. I hope everyone has peace with this. We don't want to loose any of God's lambs whomever he or she be or what they think. Hopefully we can bring everyone in God wants in his kingdom. Thankx again and I hope you all are blessed by God. Amen.


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