A Pastor's secret confession!...

I was looking at my metal coin change locket with an emblem on of 'Woodstock' and some can relate to the 70's when we were 'free' and wanted love and to love, and somewhere before were the 'Monkeys' and the 'Beatles', and we thought there would be no tommorrow like it!... I picked up and ad on 'facebook' that goes such, ["...Binangonan Catholic College is considered as one of the best Catholic Educational institution in the Province of Rizal. It offers quality and relevant Catholic education from Preschool up to the College Level..."] And I did not know why I wanted to quote it, but just felt like I needed to make confession: I really wanted to go back to what life seemed then, the good O' days of carefree living, when life meant something, when had love and we had fun!... And I would suppose everone has a way back then they want to return and sometimes pick up the bottle, to pick up the O' spirit of what was then!... And sometime we pick up the bottle to not remember what was then, perhaps a vet with a traumatic war experience or battled wife and traumatic divorce and I don't want to go further!... And some have naustalgia for the old sacrificial system and its rules and duties! Perhaps we miss the step by step feeling of everthing in control, where things were predictable!... Now a Pastor's secret confession is that he is bored with the gospel and thinks cannot make it a way people are interested and they keep yawning and drowsing through his sermons!... And the Pastor cannot let loose and let go, why that is laciviosness and loose living! Now we come to a point where we do not know what and how God is like! Is he really as boring as we think the bible is?... Blessings. Amen. thbg


Dear Frank--You are at the same age I was at when I hit my "mid-life crisis," and I caved in to it. I DID go back to some of the irresponsibilities of "the good old days," and when I returned to where I was supposed to be, all I had were a bunch of memories I'd rather be able to forget.

I had dreams which hadn't come true. Most of them won't. I had ambitions which I hadn't realized. And I probably won't. But I also had a stable life with the Lord in control. There are parts of it that beocme boring from time to time, but there is the security of knowing I'm in God's capable hands.

I'll be praying that you emerge from your "mid-life crisis" in better shape than I was in. You have admitted to it and brought it out into the light. That robs it of most of its power. Be blessed, my friend, and keep on keeping on in the Lord. :pray: Ron

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you Ron for your would be blog in itself comment! And we don't want to become melancholic or alchoholic for what life appeared to be 'then' and not happening now! And the prevalence of increasing evi in today's world makes so to yearn for another place or an other time or setting! But thanks for praying me and for us to keep up the faith and keep hoping for God's return and not look back and be like Lot's wife who turned into a pillar of salt...

Blessings. Amen.


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