A Road I did not want to take!!!...

Since I have the memory of a pigeon, I forgot the name of the blog a friend of mine was writting, about traveling in some other road!!! And can relate to take the grassy path and take off my shoes and just romp into the no-where of the meadow!!! I traveled the level path for long time and who knows a romp in the grass seem what the doctor ordered. That blog was very nice and well written!!! And when I was young I would take my pet dog 'whitty' and take him to the levy and watch him dive into the river water and how that dog enjoyed that activity!!!... And now that I'm old I just go to the park and perhaps hear of a whisper of long past things when thing were new and there wasn't a care in the world but to explore God's wonderful nature and take and read another book and watch my favorite TV show and experience my new tennis shoes, my price possesion!!! I would hop on my Texas Flyer bike and take her out to the neighborhood and see take the road!!!... And I ask when or where and how did we loose the dream and the eyes to see and the ears to hear??? When did my heart become hard and callous and unbelieving??? Is it when I became divorced??? Lost my life job??? And this incideous illness that has me shacked to this chair, dialisys machine or chemo thing I have now learned to detest???... And when did I stop heaing the melodies of life and look forward to the changing Seasons and Christmas was a wonder and who know nothing made us stumble!!! And when learned about God, did we learn a cannot-do God, who does not care??? And when did we stop dreaming and hoping that things will be like things were then when we were like children in age and heart???... And when learned about God word, did we dive into that river with joy??? Or was it a cruel God waiting for us there in the trenches of those pages and chapters??? And when we learned that all things are possible with God, why did we doubt like Thomas and say, "...unless I touch his side and feel the holes in his hands, I will not believe...!!!" And what if God took us to back then like it used to be when were well!!! Will it be like he says, "When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith in the earth???..." Will the faithful be there and say, "I've been waiting for you for a long time and never lost hope on you my God!!! My king!!! My Salvation!!!"... And in closing God says that he told some that men should always pray and not loose heart!!!... May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

And it seem that we are where we were before, reaching those in the far-fetches of the earth!!! And I had a taint of disappointment, but then the joy returned again that we are reaching those who do want to hear!!! I for a while thought I entertain those who I thought for some miraculous reason or miracle take a look at our message, but like we said, a taint of disappointment!!!...

But in the end someone did take advantage of this banquet, and we really haven't gotten down to God's word which is what really nourishes with sheer truth and wisdom and common sense!!!...

But we are here to serve whomever God calls to his message...

May you be blessed. Amen.


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