A story with four twists..

When the bible takes on the story, it is to reveal something. There was a time when Felipe went to Samaria, where the Samaritans lived, not the Jews. He met a man by name of Simon the Sorcerer. The people around there called him, "The Great Power of God". Three terms to note: Great, Power and God. This man offered Felipe money to become a minister of God. He had believed and had been baptized. Why a believer by all practical criteria. That is the first twist to this story. This man wanted power, he was in great bitterness and was captive to sin. Isn't that what every secular man wants, experience and is held captive to? That is the second twist to this story. This sorcerer was not uncommon but common today. You can find a Simon in any gas station, or airplane flight. The third twist is that Simon wanted to have power to bring down the Holy Spirit on anybody. That's innocent enough, we all want to bring the holy spirit on humanity. The fourth twist is that he wanted to give money to get the power, to bring the holy spirit on anyone. The fourth twist is more twisted than the first three because, well don't today's ministers want to get paid to pray for you or teach you a few things about the bible? So where are we going with all of this? So the question is, "Is Simon so typically bad? Ugly? Covetous and Ugly? Well are we so typically good that we can call some else bad? Has anyone been ever justified before God for being such a good person? The bible says that there is none that seeks after God and our mouths are an open sepulcher. We all have come short of the glory of God. It is only by his grace that we are made right with God. Do you think that Simon was a worst sinner, than the publican who came to the temple to pray when the Pharisee was there? And perhaps the woman caught in the act of adultery, well she was caught in the act! What does Jesus say about lusting after a woman in your heart. That I'm an adulterer by definition. I told you the fourth twist to this story about Simon the Sorcerer was more twisted because it shed light in how twisted I'm at heart before God. My heart is open for God to examine 24/7! So when you heard about the twist dance in the 60's, you thought it was a new thing. When you hear about it today you think it's an old thing. No, the twist is alive and well today, Simon the Sorcerer revisited! God never changes, God's word is never out of date, man's twisted and sinful nature- alive and well. Like I've said, when the bible takes on a story, you may be in for bumpy ride, God's word reveals secrets. It reveals the fact of how I'm like and how desperate my need is for the mercy of God in Christ! So when I'm asked if I want to do the 'twist', I know that I know how to dance that step. May you be blessed. Amen.

Samantha Shemer @youaregolden ·

Amen! Awesome blog brother!:clap:
[quote]God never changes, God's word is never out of date, man's twisted and sinful nature- alive and well.[/quote]
I couldn't have said it any better!
-Golden :flower:

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