A Stroll through Leviticus Street...

Walking throught the pages of the bible it is like walking or taking a stroll in the city at night. We see the bright lights and the music coming out of the recreation places and the dancing halls. We pass throught the restaurants and the places where we have to rush our step. And we pass the businesses, some open and some closed for the night. Some of Gods' people even after hours are still busy walking and coming into the pages and passages of the bible. Some other close down early and turn in for the night. Some go for a night-cap, one more thing the Lord want to tell them before they go home to slumber. Some take to dancing and singing, celebrating all night for them they cannot never have enough of God word, feasting, drinking in his precepts, giving themselves totally absorved by the lights and sound of this place the bible. Yet there are some place we should not go and there's place where we have to stop and come on for a while. Yes the Lord tell us in like Leviticus the thing we should do and the things we by all mean should not even entertain in our thoughts. But he does tell us to love our neighbors like we love ourselves. So open up the bible night life and take a stroll into the gaiety of eternality. When you come come home after a stroll like that, you wonder how wonderful your city, the bible is at night, like a star so bright in the dark gloom shining away into the morning dawn and the coming of whom we have to do with, when the Son rises in your horizon at the break of dawn in your heart. May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

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