A threat, poem, recital, love song that can set us free...

In Ezequiel 33, the Lord says to the prophet that those that come as his people, listen to his words, but they listen to them as if they are love songs, which they love the voice, but forget what was said. Is Hannahs prayer just a recitatl to kill time. Was she in the mood to pray and recite somethings? In Issaiah 63, the Lord tells that he will trample the grapes of his whrath. Was that just a fit of the Lord? A whim of anger, maybe lost his temper? Is the Lord just like an angry man pulling out threats? Or is he on the meadow or park reciting prayers? Or is he a skilled singing person, singing love songs? Jesus tells the Pharisees, "These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me...teaching as commandments, the commandments of men...". Someone told me, " I have a bible, I can read, don't bother us with your stipulations!" Rightly said I thought. Why should anyone listen to my recitals or love songs? But if it is the word of God that poem or recital is about, what should my response be? Jesus said that if we truly abide in his words, we are truly his decipiles and the truth will set us free. God doesn't want to threaten us, or just recite to us or just sing to us, HE WANTS TO SET US FREE, FREE INDEED! May you be blessed. Amen.

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