A wish fullfilled is a tree of life...

In the parable of the Prodigal Son, Luke 15:23; "Bring the fatted calf and kill it, let's celebrate and make merry with a banquet. Because this son of mine was dead, but now alive; had been lost but now we found him." What manner of situation is man in that God will worry and will celebrate when man is found? Why should God worry about anything? Does the bible tell that God has any worries? But in the parable of the lost coin, woman was worried and she lit a candle and began to search endlessly with anxiety! In the parable of the lost sheep, the shepperd left the ninety-nine sheep unattended to go into the ravines and search for his lost lamb! How angry will God deal with me, if I know of his anxious moment and I take it eay, relaxed and with out  a care in the world and do nothing to ease God's troubled soul? Does God have a troubled soul? Is God all glory without lament? Is love without heartache? Or mourning? When God gave his only begotten son, do we gloss over the concern God has for our welfare? Is God concerned about us? Nothing troubles us. If God chose to give up his only begotten son for me I would perceive that he would have a great troubled concern for me to do that. Jesus retorts the Pharisees, "Suppose your ox or your son happens to fall into a pit, would you not immediately pull him out?...not widstanding what laws of ettiquete you have broken to redeem your lost?" The sabbath should be a time of rest. God broke the rest in heaven, he was troubled that his lamb, you and me, had fallen into a ditch.God broke the rest and peace in heaven because he couldn't affort not to. God is love. God endures all things and so does love. In Revelations it says that there was silence in heave for about a half an hour. Isn't a half an hour what you need to pray. Perhaps God had a holy convocation with whatever God has a convocation with to say thanks that the end was finally coming to his turmoil. The rest sabbath is about to continue in a more significant manner. Now that all of his sheep are in his pen, heaven.I don't know if there are fatted calves in heaven, but the Lord is going to do a lot of banquetting then. In probervs it says, " A wish fullfille is a tree of life...". I don't know how it will be with a happy, satisfied, tranquil God, he might just dish out many gifts and rewards. May you be there! May you be blessed. Amen

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