According to the Devotional...!!!

I was looking at a devotion booklet lying around my desk from May 2008 and the May 15 is about creativity!!! And I hadn't thought about it much but it was a healthy matter to consider!!! And the fact of the matter is that being inactive and uncreative and perhaps a little bored and slothful is bad for business, pockebook, and health!!! Now I did not want to read this devotional for some undisclosed reason and perhaps because what could anybody teach me???!!!... What a sorry thing to think that no-one had anything to teach us!!! I was at the bank making deposit for someone and and noticed this ill clothed and mannered individual ahead of me in the line and he got on to arue with the teller and talk and talk in some ill manner and I thought less of him!!!... And as he made his way out of the bank he made it a point to open the door to this woman coming in!!! And I hadn't done that when I came inside the bank and there was someone behind me!!! And I made it a point to open the door for two customers and wellcome them to the bank!!!... And went to another bank and made a payment there and as I came out I open the door to this Orienta looking lady and she, I did not know wether she thank me in her language but courtesy and kindness is something all the people of the world respect and understand!!!... And it was after that I was so worried about my business and my deposit and my payment that I forgot all about God's business of representing him in my cotidine life!!! And why is that, that love we know is what the world needs and that exactly the opposite we do for someone else???!!!... And we know that God is Love and that the bible tells us so, and but then, when did we loose the message???!!! And if God is love, then why do we think he is so far away???!!! When he has the deperate thing for ourselves and to give to each other???!!!... And perhaps if we learned to be a little less full of ourselves God would of taught us and showed many wonderful things that he know we need!!! He know what we need!!! He is God!!! Hello??? Is anybody out there!!!???... May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

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