Are you lucky or what!?

It is about this time at night I don't want to write blogs!!! But then it when I want to and feel I want to tell!!! And for those who have their lovely wife at side, lucky are you!!! Yes, tommorrow I set to find wife, don't worry, I put it on my top to-do-list item for early in the morning!!!... If only I did not have this thing to keep this thing going for the gospel??? perhaps I would have more time to perhaps find my fancy in this life still!!!... But to those who have a complete home, I envy you!!! See that you respect one another and forgive when offenses come from within and from without!!!... I admire God for creating male and female and how they hate one another and love one another at other opportune times!!!... I respect Genesis and the creation account!!! I'm reminded that...Yes!!! I need God to take care of proud me, who wants to have everything under control and everything in its place!!!... But I am redeemed by writting all this things down for someone, and I don't know who???!!! But the words go somewhere and somewhere in the morning they come back to me!!! Maybe in thought, in prayer, in meditation and or maybe in bible study!!!... Creation is an important account of someone who is so powerful made some being so weak and vulnerable!!! I respect Genesis because it tell about a Creator who made provision for all his creation needs, and helpers and all!!!... The more I respect God, the more understand him!!! And in the end why I need him so deperatedly even in the lurk of the night!!!... Blessings. Amen. thbg


God is wonderful, ain't He? His glory shines brightly! Have a Blessed Independence Day Brother Thbg! Dave

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you 'child' for your kind comment!!! ...And yet we are all lucky to have a God who cares about us, is kind and further than gracious and blessed us...forgiving!!!

Blessing and thanks for reminding me about 4th of July!!!



Zoraida Tanchoco @aidzz ·

Hello. I know one of these days you will find a lady who would share your passion, love and service to the Ministry of our Lord. You are a good man, and I believe that God will bless you with a worthy partner in life. Although with your strong faith and commitment to your mission you are happy and feels complete already. Happy independence day!

God Bless


Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you Aidz for you kind prayer for my life! And yet I tell you today I woke up in the most refreshed way! I hope I hope, I accomplish my greater purpose in touching people's lives in the name of Jesus! And yet again the greatest independence I would see is the independence from desolation to see things clearly and come out of hate and spite and have love for others in this peace only God affords...

Thanks Aidz for calling and your kind support!



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