Can Politics releive stress?!...

["...The vagueness of congressional standards governining agency operation leaves a great deal of discretion in the hands of the administrative branch..."] And continuin' with "The American Beauracrat"! And you know this Political Science Class Interlude is what your teenager has to take in and digest as truth to the college you sent him!... And no wonder they are confused with this thing of the Evecutive Officer takin' advantage of the Smoke Screen of Congress!... And we like to beleive some people play put the pin on the donkey's tail all day? But No! Count to ten and I hide and you seek!... And no wonder nothin' get done around here till' the water level reaches the neck-tie!... And why do we do this peep on what those who govern are said to be doin'? And it is certainly news to publish scandal and someone makes the news sells and forgotten tommorrow!... We will continue this after a short break!... Love Frank thbg


From Luke 8:17- For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. Interesting chain of events, to say the least!

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