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I used to go to a church long time ago where all we thought about were the feast days of the bible! We would first tithe, second tithe and third tithe to have enough money to far away feast day convention or convocation like we used to call it!... And spinning off our last blog and hopefully not out of orbit, we want to stay on the earth! And this is what it is all about the earth! The earth is the Lord and everyone and everything in it!... And I was thinking about the parable of the sower and the seed who fell among the thorn! These are those who the cares and worries of this life take them away! That's me! You?... And we forget a basic fact that the Lord can take care of us and those we love and God has no problem putting meat on the table even a feast once in a while!... But then we take on to think that we owe this and owe that and work for this and that! And we should make good on our debt and loans!... But God is the giver of everything! If we owe anything, we should pay, but not carry a burden of guilt, of the what if the river or brook runs dry and we can't make good!... Now God want us to be first of all kind and compassionate to each other and the business of the Pantry is the Lord!... And we really be thankful that God, the we eventually owe everything to him, and no matter who your creditor is, he too is indebted to the Lord wheter he or she realizes it or not!... Freedom of mind that the Lord will take care of us and provide from day to day! But this is not license for free-loading and God expects those who can to make good on their commitments! But God wants to take away the worry and what-ifs!... But God desire for you is that you, I learn to trust him and his grace to make the world go-round! And our only worry should be to be considerate of one another!... Blessings. Amen. thbg

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