Coping with teh Drizzle!...

I felt the slumber come over me like a funeral quilt! And then the strength came back and I was back again! Something warm came over my body and then I was myself again!... And what is that my love?!... That is the drizzle in my soul that comes over me when ever you are think or prayin' for me!... And what kind of thought does that take Dear!?... We you know when I gave you the candy spreckled dounot and Easter egg candys...we you really looked like you enjoyed the ice cream from the BR place!... And did you think I was poor when I took on like wildfire the frapple covered cup-cakes you brought ever one but wanted to see me eat just one and taste the goodness of I don't what or where!?... No!!! My love!!! I did not want to see your poverty!!! We all have that!!!... I wanted to see the wonderful appreciation in you eyes as munched and really...wonderful to contemplate you enjoy my gift!!! And so it was that Jesus healed the ten leper but only one from the tribe Dan Samaritan returned to give him thanks!!! And Jesus was perplexed and then marveled and then rejoiced and told his father all about this event!!! Those who acknowledg me in this life I acknowledge sometime time down the road even even or the new dimension to come!!! brighter-side-of-morning thbg


The wellspring of that deep love for our Lord and Saviour, my dear friend! Thank you for sharing and a howdy out to y'all in Texasland! And many a blessings! Dave

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Yes, God cares that we are grateful and we appreciate for the little He may bring to us. Let us remember His goodness in the little and big things around us wnd with us.

Thanks for sharing, Brother Frank

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

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