"Creation-2009" and "Stoning of Soraya M" :Two movies I haven't watched!...

I drove up to the gas station and convenience store and the attendand said how are you? I'm fine and you? So and so! Must be the misty overcast weather you feel that way? She said, it must be it and I thought about that! Well, I hope your day is better than you think it is! Or you figure it is! Or you presume it is!... And what do you think it is? And what do you figure it is? And not to do, what do you presume it is? And stoning an adulterer woman some presumed the right thing to do! Isn't that what God figures it is right? And what do you think? If it happened to you?... And chimp presuming to have intelligence and some are very crafty and clever! And what do the expert presume to know? And how does figure to be the truth in the bible? And what do you think? And what do you believe?... I don't presume to think and or figure that anything that happens to me is any accident, to me yes, but not to God! And how does God figure what man thinks? And does God really cares what a self presumed chimp derivation thinks?... We build up an argument then like the proverbs says that with our own hand destroy it! If we presume any royal blood worthy of commendation, wouldn't think we are the children of the king and derivations of something devine?... Some ancient civilization believed that some noble men had divine blood and that is more noble to God who created us in his own image, than modern man who traces his roots to a two cell creature who matures in billions of years to the noble task of being a chimpanze!... Now where did we take the wrong turn? And certainly those who stoned the woman, thought they were doing God a service, in obeying what he commands! We are just obeying what was passed on to us!... And if we believe what is just passed on to us and blindly obey something with tragic consequences! If we presume to know something, we really don't know anything, Paul told the Church of his day!... Have we really studied what has been passed on to us? Will what the olden people presumed be correct today? Will yesterday's solutions solve today's problems? Is the spirit old or always new to meet the new problems? And what do we presume to know for certain? And if we can't believe someone who presumes to call and to be God, now what and who will we believe anytime soon?... Blessings. Amen. thbg


Nice heads up, Brother! There is too much "inner self" being taught nowadays and losing site of He who created us! I pray that these people come to Christ and evolutionists and so on! Thanks Thbg! Dave

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thanks Dave for your kind comment, amen and kudos! And the worst best news, unsettling news is that to know the truth is previlidge as gift from God! So where is the boasting? Gone as God establishes himself as the giver of all things, then who can corner anything he has not received from God? Thanks for your prayer for people that God would grant them repentance and come to know the real truth and start a real worthwhile tradition!...

Blessings. Amen.


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