Do I really see Jesus as the All-knowing God?

Do I really see my Jesus as the all-knowing, soveriegn God who really understands me and all things? How do I really see my God? There's an account in the bible where the chief of a sinogogue named Jairus, besought Jesus to come and heal his daughter that was dying and then died actually. The relatives of Jairus told Jairus, do not bother the master anymore, your little girl is dead. But Jesus said to him,"Do not be afraid, only beleive!" My own daughter called me in distress with some financial issue and a personal problem. I had forgotten about it, perhaps dismissing her urgency in my fear. I too feared I din't want to bother the master anymore. Then carreening trough this incident of the dying daugher of Jairus, a woman who had had a hemmorrage for twelve years, said to herself, if only I touch the hem of his garment I'll be healed. Now this woman did not fear. After twelve years a WOMAN can suffer, she believed that there was still an all-knowing God that understood her and was able to help her. Not like the MAN Jairus who feared. Contrasting with her I, a MAN have an habitual sin I haven't been able to defeat for a long time, MAYBE TWELVE YEARS!. But I wonder if I have the faith of that, this woman who truly understood the power of her Jesus. Then after that Jesus comes to his own land and country and family. Well his own loved ones receive him not. not did he was honored amongst them. Only of my loneliest moment is when I'm with my family and they tell me about how I was when I was little. It's all innocent but I'm not at all little by what Jesus has bestowed on me. Perhaps it is sin to say this things about your family, but this little life will pass away and then it will be glorious and big and honor and glory and praise and renumeration, for us little ones in this life. They mocked Jesus, "...isn't this Mary's and Joseph's boy? We know his brothers and sisters!" Not noting truthfully what manner of presence was before them. Sometime at Chrismas, I wondered if we lingered to much with much about little Jesus in a manger, perhaps he will stay that way not tells us or just me only, what's in store for those that don't believe that HE IS- THE I AM. Then lastly his sends out his discipiles to preach to gospel. He give us gifts. He promises to provide for our sustanance. I check my pantry, refrigerator and closet- it's all stuffed with provisions. Not only that all manner of luxuries like nice cars and houses, colleges, hospitals, running water and many other extras. But think lastly, the most wonderful thing or gift he gives is authority from heaven to preach the gospel, heal deseases and cast out demons. But the ultimate last thing, the gift to love and pray for each other

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