Do we need a magnifying glass on Jesus or by now a telescope...?

Sometimes it so happens that we take off mind and eyes off Jesus and focus on this central Diety Jesus and we begin to indulge in other things. We begin to focus on things of the world or focus on ourselves and not on Jesus. We wrote in our last blog about this and Colossians 3:1 where we are exhorted to focus on the things above and not below. I had the most trouble understanding this phenomenon. We begin to focus on the details and not the greater picture. Sometime we bog down on issues of this life that trouble us. Cares and concerns that lead us astray from the main road. So we must get back and work the greater works. Let the groove be the main groove focused on God himself and not on anything else. Soimetime we may be led astray if something we do for the Lord cost us something. But we must know that all work for the Lord is not invain, he is able to repay and reward our commitment to him. But it is imperative and important that we understand that we must go the road where God is going. Perhaps its a time re-evaluate our values and goals. The year is already on its way but how about our goals? Are we still unbelieving or wondering whether something is true or not? Have we come closely to believe God and his word? Where is our heart really at? Is the Lord the Lord of your life or who or what is? So message is about re-evaluation and whether we are being fruitfull for God? Where are you now? At this moment? Are you really close to Jesus or to whom or what? May God help you examine to see if you are in the faith? Amen. thbg

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