Down close to the checkered flag...!

Down close to the checkered flag there few revivals and or standing ovations. As always I had a miserable day today, but so was yesterday and the day before. But the Lord has always been able to bring my day around. After much affliction my joy level has been very low and that concerns me. Because it's beginnig to be chronic. The trial gets intense and fiery. And how was you day? The chores piling up around me! I went to see a movie today. It was a girl who fought a battle with cancer and lost, but won in way. There were more joyous things that she remembered than the remorses... But we never want to question God holy wisdom and providence. We do get tire and snipe back at God! If you are so holy why don't you do something? Yep! I done that in a periless moment! More often than not were are brought very low to test our real substance what we are made of. Sometime at night in the snare of the chains of darkness, I'm trapped to tell God what I feel about my predicament. I'm brought very low. To what end? I'm to service to the least of God's children somewhere who happens to come my way... But this is all done white stone and chisel. A chip away, little by littel, the message becoming clearer. Who know who will benefit from this in posterity. A lonely soul that God did not understand those who are restless, lonely or just can't sleep to well at night. At this point we pray that God will open the altar in heaven and continue with this message. The message is for you in mind. God in not serve himself. He is already blessed and glorious. But he want to talk to you freind who wander in darkness of the world... You come along way ignoring God, scoffing at his ideas, and just ignoring him altogether. But he, God, this sacrifice is for you. God is anxious to get going with eternity glory. But he wants his guests in his house for his banquet. Will you accept the invitation to the feast? Or has your life been so bitter that you don't believe anything or anybody anymore? Has it been that bad? Have you had enough of this world's perversity? Not, then when? Make your election sure. Call on God today!... thbg

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

And as with the chisel and the stone chipping away at revealing the mystery, God is like a jeweler as he shapes YOU, his diamond in the rough. A tap here, a bit falling off there. God, the diamond maker/shaper, knows that it hurts when He taps away the pieces, but in the end He is creating a diamond that will sparkle and shine like crazy!

Praying for you, brother.

Chores? Bah. Necessary perhaps, but little eternal value :)


Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

Be patient, God isn't finished with you or me yet. We are reminded in Psalms 30:5 that joy comes in the morning.


Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank kind friends for participation in this, this...hoopla of hallelujah! Gods' masterpeice- you and me and us. Blessings...


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