First Idle...then Cranky...But I AM remains forever...

First Idle then cranky... It was a rainbow color today with all the activities of the day. I took my mother to see her doctor for check-up MRI. And she was cheerful. I wasn't feeling too well in the morning. I drank all the doctors office coffee and that made me feel better. I took a stroll outside. I take a stroll when I need to be reminded of the majesty of God and his creation. I took my little bible and turned to Matthew. The ontourage of soldiers and mob was on its way to apprehend Jesus in the garden. There was a garden outside the doctors office. Jesus said to them, who are you looking for? Jesus of Nazaret they shouted. I AM and them fell back. That name was so forbidden to Jew that they don't pronounce it because they consider it so holy. And there this subject calling himself I AM or JHWV. Why they shuddered and collapsed. For an instant they believed this shocking statement. But then they regained their composure and followed suit to what they came to do- apprend the Author of Life. The breeze kept flipping the pages on my little bible and I looked out toward the horizon and marveled at the city and the sky and clouds and thought about the I AM. I was beginning to feel better and proceeded to have a wonderful day of activity and errands. But came home and found that I had been kicked of the database for lack of funds. I payed them twice and not result. I lost money for today. I sat on my sofa and just asked God if everything was alright with us. And the great I AM stirred my heart to think " Have you really run out of databases to do my work...? I honestly returned to a site which I consider it a country home where I retire to write when I kicked out of every where else. And I thought of the great I AM. Databases are no problem to him. All technology is founded on his grace and word. My mother came out of the doctors office cheerful and I now look back and if I had trusted the I AM for the rest of the day, I would of had had a continual feast all day. But I now thank God that he sent his angel to sit with me on the sofa and examine the back door or the light on God had left for me today. Yes it way idle and then cranky, the great I AM continues through all circumstances. Yes we lost money but the giver of all things was with me today and comforted me with his peace. Perhaps you too can share the fellowship with the great I AM and we meditate on this as we continue to flip pages on our bible. May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

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