For whom the bell tolls...!

I think there's a book by this name, "For whom the bell tolls". But I have never read it. Have you? It's curios how we pick saying and talk about thing we hear or read about without really knowing what that is. And we sometimes ascribe our own meaning to it. Would we think that is good? Like the bible. Some have heard about it or even read it and what we don't understand we just ascribe our own meaning to it. Is that good? What is the holy spirit really saying? Is it another parable?... It's a beautiful morning today. We had a long day yesterday. But the Lord rewarded us with sumptious, curious things. We went to stake house restaurant. We told the waitress we wanted to buy one entree by share it. And the result was wonderful. We had a great time. We watched a movie about those who mourn. And it help us grow. And the most wonderful thing we learned is to perhaps fear God and his grace and Diety. No we don't have to fear. To fear is really sin, or doubt. I do it all the time because I'm weak... And how about today what have you planned to do today? You know today is first day of the rest of you, my life? We just can't help but thank God in advance for all his kind care. We thank him for this site and blessing to be able to share ourselves. Who know in the end the most wonderful thing to do is to share even the little insignificant things that happen to us. God likes the little insignificant thing and people. He has this thing for the widow, the orphan, the stranger and the outcast, the lost... And what about tommorrow? Have you any plans for tommorrow? Is tommorrow to far away for you? The essence of hope is for tommorrow and eternity. Joy is for today. Yes the tears too come our way. And like we started to say, it becomes significant the little trivial things and we begin to understand-for whom the bell tolls? Is this bell possible calling you to start a new life? Turn the leaf on a new matter, and I know it's the page. God says that this is the day of salvation... If you hear his voice, even a little voice in a peculiar manner, that only you would know what he is saying. Respond to that call and make God your freind. Call on God today!... thbg

Daniel Reynolds @amuse ·

According to Wikipedia:

"For Whom the Bell Tolls is a novel by Ernest Hemingway published in 1940. It tells the story of Robert Jordan, a young American in the International Brigades attached to an anti-fascist guerilla unit during the Spanish Civil War. As an expert in the use of explosives, he is assigned to blow up a bridge during an attack on the city of Segovia. This novel is widely regarded to be amongst Hemingway's greatest works, along with The Sun Also Rises, The Old Man and the Sea, and A Farewell to Arms."

It is also the title of a song by the hard rock group Metalica, and is inspired by Hemingway's book.

However, there is also another famous poem that many may recognize some of the language of this title.

For Whom the Bell Tolls
by John Donne

No man is an island,
Entire of itself.
Each is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manner of thine own
Or of thine friend's were.
Each man's death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.

This poem is taken from Meditation No.17 penned by John Donne, who was a Jacobian era poet, priest and lawyer. In fact Donne wrote some of the most prolific religious writtings of all time, to the point that his works are regarded highly by the scholastic and secular world alike. Certainly this fame influenced another gifted and excellent author ((Hemmingway)) hundreds of years later. The point of Donne's poem is to reflect on the connection of humanity, and our relationship one to another ultimately as children of God. That when one dies, the entire group feels loss, whether palpable or otherwise. Bells were rung at funerals, and the end of this poem states that one should not try to find out who the bell is ringing for, because it is ringing not only for the deceased, but for your loss whether you know you've lost anything or not. Hemmingway's theme of human relationship gives credence to the borrowed title, For Whom the Bell Tolls.

All that to say, if one wishes to avoid merely ascribing their own interpretation to the bible for example, one need only to dig into it. Its amazing what one may find. When reading your blog, I didn't know anything about For Whom the Bell Tolls, and I had it mixed up with a Bing Crosby movie called The Bells at Saint Mary's. Five minutes after digging, and I not only found the book title, but scholarly breakdowns of the text, cross-references, and two other linked forms of media, one of which being the speculated origin for the title in question. We have tools that can do the same kinds of things for the bible, so no one need take it at mere face value, or rather personal understanding. I just thought it interesting, that your blog title and its content were more linked than you may have thought, and that is slightly exciting to me. We can't have the kind of relationship Donne writes about if we are not in the relationship with Jesus. And we cannot simply put our own understandings and interpretations on things, because one will defeat the other. Thanks for writting!

Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

No, tbhg, I have never read "For whom the bell tolls". I could not read past the first few pages. I was never an Ernest Hemingway fan.
I really like the poem shared by amuse.
I like your thought at the end.

[quote]If you hear his voice, even a little voice in a peculiar manner, that only you would know what he is saying. Respond to that call and make God your friend. Call on God today!...[/quote]


Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

What a peculiar situation truly. Thank you 'amuse' for filling us up in the details of "...for whom the bell tolls..." Thank you 'kraftykatsz' for your support and comment. I had to read your both comments a couple of times to truly appreciate the grace of God in you. I hope many more share with us this subject and like 'amuse' said we don't know where things will take us as we seach for God...


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