Giving God all the glory for everything done and said...

Today was Missions Sunday at our Church and there was missions related festivities. We had a luncheon and it was wonderful. My mother doesn't attend our church, she is from a different denomination. But I left her a Barnes and Nobel to browse the books while I attended my church service. I got there just in time to eat at the luncheon. I took my mother a plate to go for her to eat and thought nothing of it at the time. But I took her to the park for her to eat the plate of food I had reserved for her. And she ate, I thought about the Lord and how fair he is. My mother is sometimes washing away the dishes while I pluck away at the keyboard trying to reach as soul in my blogs. But as she ate, I thought, how fitting for her to share the Mission Sunday banquet. Whether she realizes that or not, but she is fellow labores in the work of the Lord. There was a time when King David was to go to battle and left some men behind to mind to logistics and kitchen. And some who went with him said, those who don't go with us will not share the spoils. And King David, said no, those who are left behind will equally share the spoil of victory. The battle and victory belong to everyone who partcipates. And truly the Lord Jesus promised that if anyone gave even to the least of his bretheren even a cold drink of water, they would not go without their reward. Finally to close, Paul in Romans, says that all who participate in the temple get to share what is offered at the temple and those who minister at the altar get a share of what is offered at the altar. Truly the Lord rewards us abundanly for our effort in his work. And he does this tangibly out of the grace that is in his altar in heaven. So the Lord is nothing short of a sure rewarder of those who diligently seek him. May he have all the praise and all the glory. He alone made it all possible. Amen. thbg

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