Hail you who hear! God is Gracious year-round...!

I was wrapping a bible to give to my brother in law, and my mother said, "What are you doing!?", and I said wrapping a gift for such and such, and she said what is it?, and I said, "A bible!..." and she said,...they are Catholics, they don't believe in bibles, and I said,...he is not! And I was offended at my mother in my gift wrapping ceremony. And this the crest of the matter, she did not like the gift I gave my aunt...! And I thought how ungracious of my mother. And I felt sad that I was alone in this business of bible! And I dismissed the matter and wanted to forget it! And then suddenly she yelled, "I found the item I was looking for so long!..." And I went and looked and she found the material to make some pillowcases at the most opportune time! And I thought, what a life, people get blessed for offending those who give bibles for Christmas...! And I want to make one thing clear that God showed me that he is gracious and does not offend that easily with those that cannot think any other way than what they do! And perhaps some have gotten the idea that I don't give gift in Christmas! I just went broke with the last gift at the dollar store! God is not found giftless this Christmas! And I made sure I gave at least a good thoughtful gift to those around me this Christmas...1 And I marveled at God and his graciousness and did not let anyone ruin his Christmas Celebration. And he is not going to ruin anybody's Christmas with the etimology and origin of Christmas! God is Gracious throughout! Throroughly! And we haven't forgotten the one we perhaps steem less. We pray for them earnestly that they have the best Chrismas ever! As for us we perhaps hope that what we offer God is broken and contrite heart and that we put aside all offenses from the past year and that we are gracious like God is...!!!! May you be blessed. Amen. thbg


thbg, A very good message for this busy season of Christmas and the new year while busyiness and pressures mount and put everyone on tenterhooks. ..let us in the spirit of Christmas offer grace, love and forgiveness to those who "step on our toes" and who criticise us and let us bring joy to all those around.


Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you 'ptl2008' for your...well I just pray to God that he accept your comment as the opening prayer for the Christmas Holiday. May all remember what you've spoken and remember whose birth we celebrate! Dear God please accept this comment made in your land Signapore...as the opening prayer for this Christmas Holiday. In Jesus name we ask. Amen...


Billy Beard @billyb ·

For my part, thbg, you gave the best gift that we can buy, with money, if one does not have a Bible. Of all the gifts I got when I graduated High School, the only one I can remember, is a Bible, a precious old lady I worked for on occasion, gave me. God Bless, friend, and Merry Christmas! In Christ, Billy

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you 'billyb' for your kind, kind comforting words. Of all the sermons I remember, the best I remember are those that gave comfort to keep trusting God. Happy Holidays! Your Avatar picture showing your family and Christmas tree in the back ground is a classic to remind me to have a Christmas every day of the year!...

God Bless you and you loved ones and family...


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