"He took the Bread, gave thanks and he broke it!..."

Intermingled into the gospel is politics and world economic and world stability! You no' we can watch TV all we want and watch all the Nature and Philosophical programs and even Christian TV but sooner or later we will get up to see what is in the fridge to munch on and continue with the good moment in the den or living room!... And nothing brings up the bread better than a peaceful table! I was tellin' my college professor brother what the first rule in economics is...you keep yappin' and while you do that I reach for the chichen drumstick and the butter ans the bread...! And he couldn't believe how much sense that made?! And I said we don't want to manage the dollar but create a dollar nursery where a new dollar is born every hour!... And we have to be better entrepeneours to create new industry ans not new in-DUST-try that money falls into pockets full of holes and we eat and we drink and we are never peacefully satisfied n' we are not happy and our philosophies do no not atone for our plight!... Ans the first lesson of peace is to learn to give!... And Paul in his final words before his final departure exorted those who walked him to hid ship of no return...to learn nothing but to know what thw Lord said to givre to the weak because it is more blessed to give than to receive...and we will never have lack on this premise God believes also!!!... Love Frank thbg

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