How the Melancholy lingers...!!!

How the melancholy lingers...!!! At this time of night, I used to visit my favorite site long gone called LockedJournal and a lot of memories went with it!!! But God has comforted me by taking me to this new site. Brand new!!! The latest technology!!! Free so far!!! And I've written my first blog just-for-fun... And I'm appalled at God at how he can provide even this far fetched amenities to a poor fool like me!!! We have instant messaging and status bar with link and quote register and photo album and up-load video... I will think I will never use that!!! I wonder of the span of freinds here!!! The prophet of the Lord is never without freinds, enemies and insults!!! I've up-loaded my regular Avatar picture on my living room here!!! All the amenities for the gospel!! I marvel at those having troubles, they should have trusted God!!! They could of been delivered in an instant!!! After all the prophesying, the Lord has certainly been faithful to me and took care of me!!! Wow my Avatar picture sure looks great in this new place!!! I should be warned not to play game with the Lord!!! He can turn from dove to Levitathan in an instant!!! Dear God thanks for all these blessings!!! So peaceful here linked to facebook, twitter, myspace and Linkin and I don't know what more... !!! I wonder this place for such kindness and giving all this service away!!! And I wonder how my faithful God will reward this place for being kind to a poor fool like those of me... I just want to thank God for all this blessing... let me take a another shot at that giant Avatar picture of!!! May you be blessed. Amen. Just-for-fun ...thbg

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Well, I thought you were showing your living room Now I'm gonna have to look up melancholgy I don't know about the prophet part, but I got all three of the other:teach: Some do the multi-tasking thing. I guess you can tell I have nothing serious to say, but am trying out the yellow circle thigysGod Bless, friend, billy

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you Billy for stopping by and saying hi! I looked at all the yellow circle thigys, and I thought it was an invasion of some sort this not about being serious about anything, but just relaxing and

trusting God to help us say hello to each other and see how we are! And thank you again! And the only thing I can say is that techonolgies come and go, but true freinds stick it out to the end, like the love of God...

God Bless you and your loved ones...


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