I Can't Thank God Enough for his Calling...

I ran into a terrible difficulty today that took my peace away. I prayed about it but I just couldn't figure out what my God wanted from me. He asked me in my heart, Do you really understand that there are still some souls lost? I was concerned about trivial matters now that I think about it. But the real question is how well do we understand what expense God is putting forward, not to mention what he has already done for us on the cross, for the sake of finding his lost? I couldn't sleep. My slumber just ran away. Is sleeping, eating and drinking all that really concern us? Why? Does someone understand that there's work to be done? How do we carry out our life and business? Do we feel the edging away of some into eternal doom? Do we at least pray do someone does something about it- if it is not going to be us. I had to get up from bed and write this. Like putting a letter in a bottle for someone out there who also can't sleep either and pray with me about this. God is taking away many of my toys in life and giving me instrument of work to proclaim. Like we told someone all this writting is not about me or us if you will. But I do ask that you pray with me and let God guide us as he opens new doors for the gospel. If anything else let's join hands in unison to send a beacon into the dark night that perhaps we can help God save somebody like if we could do anything on our own strength. So I urge if anyone has a heart for this kind of talk, let this chat be a herald of life. I'm just praying fervently that perhaps our God will be gracious and forget our past sluggishness. If anything else I just want to say that please God show us and empower us to say the word that we make a change in people's heart- not for me but for your glory. May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

Albert Bunyea @bubbavela ·

I am finding more and more the simple act of love will do a lot over periods of time. If we are able to just show those around us that there is love in this world it brings in a level of harmony that is able to open many doors. This is the time for brining home all those lost sheep. It is amazing just how much lending an ear will open a soul.

love ya, be blessed,

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you brother for your kind encouraging message. Like I've put forward, I sometime forget the simple, basic concern God has for the plight of those he still is looking for and wants to save. But for some reason he wants us to do the proclaiming. Thanks again and may God bless your day today. Amen.


Justin Deal @deal49 ·

In Galations 2:10-14 it talks about how peter was acting hypocritically, was it because he was favoring the jews that was teaching that christians had to be sercumsized?after reading 2peter ch 3 I feel that peter might have been easily convinced by the jews, because of the way he emphaized on keeping the commandment of the old prophets. what do ya'll think?

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