I did not know how much God had blessed me!...

After a fiasco trying to install and upgrade on my dead Vista! I gave up many times and tried all sort of gadget to store memory and installed some other programs and just couldn't make it work! And I thought I did not want to believe God had abandoned me!... And I studied the magazine on tip on installation and tip on grades and types and tips and tips and I was at the tip of my patience!... And after I read the hype about what new things the new 7 could do and the problems it could raise! I came to the conclusion that the new 7 did not do anything but load music and pictures faster! It doesn't beat my 98' in loading this internet application or serfs any faster on my dial up comparing dialup with dialup!... And those of you who have Ethernet System I couldn't beat you there! But my net Starter does things quickly faster than my home 7 but most the same as my 98' in my bedroom!... And the final word is for me the new 7 is graphics accelarator and my 98' already has Celeron accelerator processor which step up the load time quite impressive! I have to say that my 98' can't load the new graphic so byte bulky! But it load the internet application in 4 second or 3 seconds!... And I tried this and don't do it yourself, but I tried to upgrade my 98' to not let any stone unturned, but God did not let me and I'm glad for that for your sake, we would of lost a couple of blogs without this computer!... And I love my 7 but we must speak frankly, the accelerator is good for moving picture and music and photos and those kind of things, but if I'm just here to load a couple of line or a paragraph or something like that, I really don't see the vision of very improved thing!... And don't be pessimistic! Even if after told you all of this I woulds still buy a 7 to have the latest! And this is for aestetics because God is serious about moving forward and gettin' in on new things! We don't like to think about it but the protocol of internet transfer communication can change in the future and we will have to buy new gadget to keep the message going with old machines or no message at all!... Remember Lot's wife lookin' back turned into a pillar of bad luck and dispair because the promised land was ahead and not back from the old machine from where we came from! I'm just lucky this 98' was designed to meet todays changes from way back in the past! But that is really a big exception! We should look forward to what the future bring because the comin' of Jesus is ahead and not behind in some day in the past!... Many a' Blessin's thbg

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Brother Frank, I think the Kingdom up there is more, much more advanced than us here. We are all not up to date, but we will catch up more and more as new technologies and new discoveries are found in the future.

So be ready for more new things in the world, all things including the internet. And of course, be ready for more new things of God's Kingdom for the Kingdom of God is advancing more and more each day. We just have to catch up and catch up, if not, we will be left behind.:mrgreen::doh::mrgreen:

Thanks for sharing

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thanks so much 'Silver' for bringin' olive oil to my wounds! And you know I really hve no faith! I didn't really beleive no one would care for all this tech lingo! But God can't tell you how well we ended up gettin' along after a long steep hill today!...




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