I love this moment...

I love this moment when I retire for the night. l turn in all my kind successes to God. I turn in all my kind failures to God and give him thanks for the ups and downs. Surely we didn't convince all people of all the things we wanted to tell them but we thank God for his kind sun and breeze gails and starry sky at night. What is man that your are mindful of him? David asks his Lord. You made him a little less than the angels, yet you crown him with life and glory...David continues. Yet we ask what is our life anyway? A passing vapor? A thin mist? Something that comes today and gone tomorrow? I love to ask this question when I turn all my glories and all my fears over to God. It is the only way I'm going to make it. If we don't make everything right we give thanks and if we succeed with give thank just the same. I open my bible the just one more thing God wants to tell me before I dream. In the movie Space Oddesy 2001 the machine askes his Lord will I dream? before its going to be disintergrated by collapsing planet. We thought that was something then and we still wonder what happen to the super- computer- mental- generator. The name of the system eludes me now like a flock of guees away for the winter. What is man that you are mindful of him? Why does God paces from one corridor of heaven to another, pacing thinking about man? Why are you mindful of him? Will he dream as he is disintigrated? Will he dream what it would of been like to believe now that it's to late? What is heaven like and all the glory? If only i had had a heart to believe, but now I'm in this fiery torment. It only I could go back and warn the world to my hearts' content to avoid this torment and believe him who is mindful of us? If only I could go back and save someone. Wow! it was just a dream! What a nightmare! I have to warn everyone to avoid the fiery torment! The dream was so real! I shiver with fear! Please everyone believe and don't come to the torment! Believe the one who paces from heaven to heaven thinking about you! Don't fall asleep on what I say! Be warned! Please believe the Gospel! May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

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