I suddenly bewildered asks what does it all mean?!...

I frantically thought about all my computer operatin' systems and all my bibles and all the trouble of even havin' to get up in the mornin! And I thought and asked the Lord what does all this mean! And I thought about seein' all my internets and computer break down and all the bibles lost somewhere?!... And the Lord showed me that nothin' matters but bein' kind to onother like we said in our last blog! And when we forget why we continue to operate?! Someone in RealState I asked her why do you do business? And she said to make money ofcourse!... And money makes the whole economy go around! And Ok that is fair, I need to pay the coffee to keep operations goin'! And but I said if you ask me the number one reason to start a business is to one have a good product, two see at good price and thirdly more important or just as important to bring satisfaction to the customer!... And the gospel is a good product at a good price nothin' and thirdly it is for satifyin' the customer who is thirsty, hungry, naked, wretched, poor and blind!... And just curious Jesus told those who sold at the Temple you made my house a place of merchandise to make a livin' off it! And the gospel is not a means to make livin' and if you aspire to become a minister or Pastor or some servant of such as a career, you are in the wrong business you should go into banking or accounting or somethin' more simple than the task of bring the thirsty satisfaction because that is complicated because you have to give and not get!... thbg

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

The produced a situation in the world where I could either be effective or choose to be kind or choose to save money! And sometime we have to choose one way to best get us to where we want to go and want to accomplish! And I decided to be kind and not make waves and let everybody care on with what they think is best and just get along and have a good time with them!...

But this is not the solution that brings satisfaction to customer! Being kind and being a liar and tellin' just what people want to hear will not bring people to the Christ who is seated in glory at the right side of God!...

And sometime there peace in being politically correct! And makin' a disclaimer ahead of time that perhaps tellin' people what they want to hear is good as any solution because that type don't listen to any advice good and or bad!...

And sometimes a best solution with this type is no solution at all don't give them any advice to trod down like swine and then get ready to attack you and rend you to peices!...

But we pray we don't give up n' tryin' to bring satisfaction and we cannot happer the kind new because some does not listen to any word!...

And we pray we play perhaps the right tune to find the ears that will hear the good solution to what God has to outline for salvation!..



Sometimes it's not doing something yet-like Paul and them forbidden to go to Asia at the time! God develops us for such proper moments! However, when the time is-let us be truthful without, as you said-the political correctness! Nolet us not give up-regardless of situations! Thanks for the post and God Bless you richly, my friend! dave

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you Dave for you kind prayer for this message! And yet I had not thought why God did not let Paul go to Asia at that time and it could of bein' a waste of time then and could lost their life then when Asia was not ready to hear the message like it is more today! And I hadn't thought that sometimes it is not a question of wheter somebody will listnen but with hope a question of when which may come later!...




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