Independence Day Sabbath Message: Blog # 666

Pam! Pam!, The musket shot flew over the sentries heads, and at sometime wondered if they would come out this battle alive! Greatly out-numbered by the Brittish infantry steady marching up Bunker Hill... And this could of been any battle where ever there has been a key battle that brought us deliverance! Perhaps Okinawa or some in the Civil war or someone or somewhere!... And yet we are greatful for our independence here in our country! But were are not independent from our human make-up! God has not allowed us that luxury!... We still have to moan and groan and deal with our weaknesses and frailties! And that makes us sad because we are proud! We still have this thing about being the man of the world and not God!... We still want to call the shots in the world and honestly only call on God when we need him! And those of the mark are those who still want to call the shots and not give God his place!... When the man of sin appears, he will be like any other man who calls himself God and wants the attention and worship! And this typical of any man, human!... And taking the real independence and mark of God is to let God call the shots in our life and arbitrate our thoughts!... And the number of the 666 is the mark of a man, a human who wants to call the shots! Do we want to do that! Have we taken the mark before anyone asks us to?... And the number 666 is the number of man in his foolish ideas of how he can deliver himself by his own hands!... And that what we still want to do, when we decide for ourselves what is right and wrong and not consult God... Blessings. Amen. thbg

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