It may be the last dollars worth of truth some will ever hear!...

Thanks kind brother Dave for prayin' for my life! And the situation is this! I was on my last ebb yesterday at some SB's late in the afternoon! And I barely barely...barely convinced myself that God wanted me to make one last trip and sit there and drink coffee with...someone! And I felt so sick with depression and stress...that...I just sat there and some man sat by me on the other recliner or easy chair!... And I couldn't think of anything to say to him and did not know whether God wanted to say anything to him! If I did n't say anything by Osmosis somehow I was just there feling offended as something someother person had done to me!... And as the hour passed by he just left and I too finished my 'Pikes Peak' coffee and headed out in another direction not knowin' where still feelin' like convulsion!... And I made one last stop at Barnes and Noble was hopeful I could get in the spirit and preach or say something or anything to someone there! And it was full and no chairs to sit!... And I...I...I quit and decided to go home and get something to eat! And when I arrive at the driveway of my house and looked at the passenger seat and did not see my netbook laptop there, I went nuts thinkin' I had forgotten it a Barnes and Noble! But prayfully I looked in the back seat and praise God there it was, the bookbag with the lap-top!... And I said to God...Ok...Ok...Ok...You made your point we'll forgive and make up with those who oppose us! And I just was thinkin' of Luke 14 where God goes out lookin' for his lost sheep!... And still sick with stress, I ate rather sumptiously and I can only just thank God and my mother for the meal! And we turn in for the night! And in the dead of the new day before dawn I was awakened and the Lord said to me in essence, "If you do not say anything to this the least of people and give up, what you say, will be as close as it will ever be close for them to be saved!..." "And if you gave up...that is it for them!..." And if we loose time loosin' our temper and fidget about how much the coffee costs and the inconveniece all this may be the last stop of the stage-coach for them!..." "And if you run out of ideas to make conversation with them and open a channel with is the last truth show they will ever hear!..." And kind friends who support this site! If you think you ventured a dollar to much to support this site! And we quit! This site may be the last chance some have at coming to the knowledge of the truth and so be saved!..." And it may be the last stop!... Love Frank thbg Posted Dec 09 2010 02:27:02am

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

And I was thinkin' about this and this blog surrounded by some few who we surruouned by all the freinds in the world but were the loneliest of peoples! I would think that even being a Laodicean would be a compliment!...




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