It's wonderful to return to this "Shack..."!

I was browsing throught the aisles of the bookstore and I noticed that the book the "The Shack" was still going well on the market. According to my feeble recollection, a man had to return to the "Shack" to forgive some unforgivable thing done to him and or his loved one. And I just kind of figured that around this time at the end of the year, the Jew, those that do, celebrate the feast of "Shacks" or booth or tabernacles... And when we build the "Shack" we make room for those who are at odd with us. Jesus tell the story of two who came to the Temple or God's Shack to pray. And one prayed with himself and self assuring himself that he was not like him over in the other side, and adulterer, sinner, misbehaven, drunkard, low life speciment, not worthy of anything, publican tax collector... And God came back to his "Shack" Temple to pray and drive out all the businessmen who made a living out of the Temple, Shack. And Jesus said that when we come to his "Shack" church, that if we make a gift and remember that someone has something against us, first go back, to civilization, forgive that person, then come to the "Shack" and make your gift. God is not interested with gift with blood... And when I have cleansed my "Shack" Temple from devils who want to do their business with my life, then my Shack is ready to recieve him who built this Shack. God. No more blood splatted all over the place! When I confessed my sins and become cleansed then I know, that my Shack is clean and ready to recieve my freinds, this festive time at the end of the year... May you be blessed. Amen. thbg

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

After I wrote this blog, I had to take it easy on the pastry and culinary indulgence for a time and focus on God for a second and help God clean my "Shack". And the sobering conclusion like if I didn't know is that God is God and nothing happens until it is God time for it to happen. Everything marches according to God's grace. No matter how gifted I though I was, I learned that God sometime takes his time for his own personal reasons and sometime are not clear readily what those reason are...

After a long spell of affliction, I notice I had lost some difficult weight gain that was harming my health and now I can continue more healthy,...just a little trivia note there on my life...

May you be blessed. Amen.


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