I've been anythin'g but thoughtful!...

I finally figured a trick to make my 7' work faster on the web! And I just wonder if I could find a way to make up with my mother! Me and my little life has given me the blessin' and well not so blessin' to live a lady who has her way and does not make any plan to see any different in the near future!... And you won't believe it but I've been searchin' and window shoppin' for a new computer to secure I always serve you and God the best way possible!... After a heated moment at the house the Lord did not bless me in me shoppin'! And we ended up havin' a fight after I came home from shoppin'!... And the Lord is not kind to those who stumble the children into sin! And but I thought along the way about Jesus when he went through a Samaritan town and they would not recieve him because he was a Jew!... And the dicipile with earnes desire to have a roast said to Jesus, dear God, do you want us to bid fire to come from heaven and roast this white marshamallows?! And Jesus said, you don't blame the marshmallow for being over done in the fire if someone else is holdin' them with a stick into the flame!... And he said you don't know of what manner of spirit you have, the Son of Man did come to loose his Temper, but to think soberly of how to save people from their sins!... And I gather I over did the marshmallow into the fire and it had to catch flame with the heat! I should of held my peace! God please forgive me a sinner! Amen... thbg

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you for your prayers! I ended up takin' both my elderly parent to StarBucks and suite to some coffee and saw in them the success of the gospel to see them smile and perhaps one reflect that some one like my self has a gospel that made them...forget the sorrow of age and just feel good and smile if only for one moment!...

Thank for prayin' for me to bring the day around and in the process show Jesus even with them their company!...


Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Brother Frank, be comforted. You are not alone in the struggles of this life and the struggles to be good. It's never easy in the midst of frustrations and many different views with the generational gap, but the Lord will guide us to do what is right to Him and what is right for them.:wink:

I did have differences with my late mum because we were just different. A little giving there, a little taking here and we were again talking again.How I missed it now!! I am suddenly reminded of my time with her and I missed her terribly! :heart::princess::heart:

Blessings always

From Hwa Silverpen

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you 'Silver' for bringin' me to my right senses! I want to write a blog on complex numbers and bein'g a math major, or that is self proclaim self proclaimed math major! And who are those who are complex?! And if some tell me you are so complex! I don't think they means I have a nice complexion! And if you tell a woman you have a nice complexion it could be a come on on your part!...

But later we will take on complex issues made of the real fact and those of imaginary roots who are really not defined as established facts but imaginations! And why do we men imagine things even sin, in doing so! But then why is man so complex? And why doesn't really man have a nice complexion to perdure!...

I searched for an easy solution for the gospel but found it was all complex and troublesome everytime I dreamed again and took a leap of faith! And everytime the Lord comfounded me especially when I had been unthoughtful to someone I care about! And how do we come out of complexity? What is really simple like Christ? The gospel is free and simple but we make it complex and have to pay something to get it!...

And yet the complexion of the creation reveals the complexion of God and the complicated atom and yet science more and more find more order to it! And we all want to make thin'gs simple and complicate them in the process! And we complicate matters with the figment of our imagination which are figment and not real fact!...

And what is told about God is told plainly in his word but we imagine the worst about God and then we go in the other direction and understimate him and take him lightly and put him to test on his patience and then trouble comes and then we wonder why life is so complex!...



We all have a frustrating day or two. I have said unkind words to my mother which I still regret to this day. God forgives and forgets. We don't forget. But that keeps the heart soft for next time around.

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Thank you Sistershannon for you kind upliftin' words of support! And bless the Lord who brings all this things upon us and we will never be able to run out of what to say to each other to comfort each other out!...




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