Just when you thought it was safe to go to the bookstore...

This is blog I did not want to write. I went into the kitchen in my house and decided to make a chocolate milk and the chocolate can had the last teaspoon in the bottom. Then I want to make a cheese burrito and looked in the fridge and And there was something that looked like a yellow rock supposedly what was left of the cheese. I said to God what is happening? I prayed and happen to find an open Tupperware with some leftover chicken salad and that was my escape that Night, this night. On the more no less serious side I went to Barnes and Noble and was sitting on a chair near the cookbooks and there I was theres what I thought someone, and then there was a browser there looking for book. He looked like, well, biker or ‘cholo' or well looked Right out of bad street barrio. I suppose I'm looking down, but will be looking up later as you shall see. I made a passing comment to him and said to him, "Doing some cooking?" and he without hesitation said to me looking at the cookbooks, "I want to make a cheesecake but I need a book..." I said to him "They are over there in the far end where the desserts are..." "Thanks" he said and left. I thought that was all that. Later that night I was eating a chili bowl soup near the religion-bible section and there was a lady browsing the Christian books. I felt Strangely eating amongst the book section, eating my chili soup I said to her in passing for no reason, "I feel like if I'm camping..." And there was no response from her. Moment later I said in passing, "Are you Christian?" And no answer- And I felt like Was cast into a pool of cold water, there was no response from her. I took to mind that perhaps I had made a mistake to eat chili where 'christians' browse for their books. I suppose I would understand that she was just minding her own business and I could see that she was. But I thought someone browsing the Christian section would be in mood To say hello or learn about Christ- or tell me in sign language- Access Denied. There an anecdote that once a reporter asked Ghandi, "What do you think about Christ?..." And Ghandi said, "Christ I respect, it's its followers I fear..." Why this topic? I just kind of wonder if this is not the reason why the blessings don't come on some christians? They just happen to be so un-christlike. When Jesus asked the Samaritan woman for a drink, I suppose he put himself at peril of what a response he would get. But you know the story she became a believer and Was astounded at Jesus. I just wonder whether all Christians understand what it is all about Jesus. Is that chemistry with the world in our relations to those outside working right? Is it all about me getting saved and forget the world? Is our light effective in making people give Jesus a good grade- at least in hospitality? Or is all about me and myself? That can happen to me or you or anyone who thinks he professed to be Christian. In the parable of the tares there are weeds that look just like wheat and hard to distinguish from wheat when they grow together, but their seeds are bitter or even poisonous. So you might guess where I am going. Be wheat and not a tare. Be genuine stuff and show the Light. Ghandi I hear was a great man but I would think that we can bring Jesus out of the second burner by acting and witnessing for him in a way that will make God proud of us and turn the opinion the world has on him- God. May you have a fine day. Amen. thbg

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

In this re-comment on this blog from way back!!! And is Jesus really any new, then it was then when he walked by the Dead Sea???!!! Now why would Jesus want to cross the sea, quench a storm, and meet a man possesed by devils??? Are we really ministers to the strong and the high and mighty???...

Would we think we are ministers to the weak, trapped, prisoned, sick and lost and those possesed by devils??? But if we among ourselves do not know what kindness is and haven't met really met Jesus at all, and how are we going to preach the gospel to teach others to love another, when we don't see ourselves as poor examples of the ministry of reconcilliation???!!!...

Be turned and be healed and really preach the gospel in it's real essence!!! Namely in the person of Jesus himself!!!...

Blessings. Amen.


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