Let the Focus of this Season be on God...

Have you noticed that everytime God doeses a great miraculous thing for us there's always a let down afterwards. It should not be. When the Lord took John, Peter and James up to a high mountain and was transfigured into his truly glory for an instant, there was tumult at the foot of the mountain. The dicipiles were arguing with some that them could not cast our demon from a possesed boy. About this time in Season of Passover, Jesus makes a triumphant entry into Jerusalem and everybody is rejoicing. They have seen the miracles and the healings and the great talks and sermons, casting out of demons, turning the water into wine, feeding them in the wilderness, calming storms and who can forget all those raised from the dead. But now we have a let down all this seemingly is coming to an end. Skipping pages, now they yell, away with him! Crucify him! We have not king but Ceasar. Perhap they expected a physical revolution from the Roman authorities. What a let down, they might of thought, the deliverer was to be crucified. Even after the resurrection, when Jesus appeared to those on the road to Emaus, they were still going over the dissappointment of what they thought was a defeat. But what does the passover mean for us? Is Jesus triumphant on our life or not? Are we facing this life's troubles with confidence? Are we being truthful with ourselves about our faith with and in God? Do we only expect a physical deliverance? What actually does the Passover really mean for us? Just another holiday? Have we prayed more fervenly in this time? Or is there a tragic let down in you life right now that just won't let you celebrate? This Season is the anniversery of the time of Rememption. We hope we truly feel redeemed. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. thbg

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