Let's go to Spain...

As I take on a new task- Don Quixote de la Mancha by Cervantes. You may have heard of him Don Quixote and his creator Cervantes at sometime even in passing. The book is translated and abridged by Walter Starkie; bless his soul for his work. Where will this new task take us? We've been to London and Paris and may return there but now we go to Spain in the Medieval World. I'm unlike Don Quixote doubting. Perhaps I will get the best benefit from this adventure in the Moor Country. Those who have taken Spanish Class must have encountered Don Quixote on their reading schedule. Don Quixote could have been a disciple of Christ, he stubbornly believed that he could become a chivalrous Knight like those of long ago. He Took great expense to immerse himself into this fantasy or panacea at best. Some thought he was mad. And sometimes we make light jokes and looked down. But God said that all those who truly believe will not be put to shame. The same thought of him Martin Luther, and Martin Luther King Jr., when he said- I have a dream...Now the dream is a reality. I don't know when it's Black Honor Month, but now we have one. But it all started with a dream. But a live, sober Dream based on convicted faith that it could come true, even by miracle. Surely Mary in her prayer said my God lift up those who are poor and sends the rich empty handed...There was once an incident- a foreigner woman in a foreing country up north, approached Jesus and said on her knees, beseeching God- please have mercy on my daughter a devil torments her. And the disciple said send her away she troubles us. Jesus said to her-I am only sent to the lost Tribes of Israel... Please she said- Have mercy! He said-It is not right to give the dogs the children's meal! She said, Yes, Amen, but even the doggies eat the morsels that fall off the table where the children eat! Madam, Great is your faith, you've spoken right and you daughter is well and she was... Have you truly believed God that all things are possible for him that believes? Certainly Don Quixote believed. I just bought a book about his story and life. I owe Don Quixote 7 dollars in Euros because he was from Spain according to the Creation of Cervantes. How much do you owe the one who helped you believe? Will you pay him in Silver Sheckles?- because he was from the land of Israel. May you have a good day. Amen. thbg

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