Listenin' to a kind song in the radio!...

I was listenin' to a kind song in the radio that said how I Need you! And I thought about and did not know that I was thinkin' of you or God or both or whether it does any difference!... And I know God is always thinkin' of you and esteems you very much! And thinkin' about Barnes and Noble and thought this is a nice place and the same thin'g I thought about the crew of Starbucks!... And God always is trusted to be kind and bring yoy the good thin'g and that is why we call it the Good News and not the distressful news!... And I thought suddenly that I hadn't acted in the most Christian manner puttin' some fellow in the 'poor' house for his behavior! And I really hope I did him good by drawin' attention to his actions before he reaches the point of no rreturn!... And hell is point of no return and nomore Jusus there! And we don't want to go to over a hill where God cannot look at us! Turn with there is still time and opportunity!... Host thbg

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