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So how are you? I'm fine. I hope you're fine too. Sometimes when thing start drying out here I visit my old Blogger account. It takes me back to where it all started. It's like visiting an old freind. It feel good to be back on the old town... It just occurred to me, that we nothing but a breath. We puff and puff and what ever but everything marches all according to God's merciful grace. I had a great day. As always everything was ajar, wrong size, wrong brand, wrong application, wrong! wrong! wrong!... But God showed that nothing is going to happen until heaven is ready and pleasing. But its' great to breathe new air. Although we've been all around. Yes, God can make things anew even with old things... Yep! Nothing happens until we pray and hope on God. God has reserved for himself the last word and glory and the last laugh if you will...but remembering that God is a good God and want all the best things for us...what if everything marches to will of this good God that we have... thbg

Francisco J Zubia @tohimbeglory ·

Sometimes I would think we take, I take God for granted. I found this special on steaks and a big bar of cheese. I like those, meat and cheese. But in the end I told God to forgive me if eating when I had something against someone. I felt bad afterwards. But the Lord let me escape, not with sin. He allowed me to forgive others who for some reason had departed from my company, reason a mystery...

But God in his splendor allowed a circumstance by which I could overlook that and stick with the program. I really don't know why God brought this about since I have no reputation of being important. Perhaps the Lord wanted me in his grace to lower me down a bit and show me something, like to learn to trust him. I have real concern for the outcome of this blogs. I would think the topics are important...

But something is just not cooking right and I wonder if someone needs to tell me something that is said in a corner or something. But I rest assured that it is not a mystery to God and it will revealed what is the source of this, this thing that is happening. It remind me of Joshua and the sin at Ai...But I would think God knows and perhaps I know but makes me sad to think about it...

D Kelley @lineman ·

You wrote:[quote]It just occurred to me, that we nothing but a breath. We puff and puff and what ever...[/quote] Kind of like the Bible says, we are like grass. One day we are growing and the next we are gone.

You are right, this is important. We just get so bogged down by other things that seem as important. it's sad.

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