May the Lord get into your music...and refresh you...

Revising a blog we once wrote about a blind man who implored Jesus to heal him, then Zaqueous who climbed a sycamore tree to get a better view of Jesus, and the parable of the talents which speaks of the diligence we have for Jesus. The blind man implores us to open our eyes to his understanding. Zaqueous tells us to climb to a higher tree. To get a better view of Jesus, to discern above obstacles and better see what Jesus want so tell us. So we have better sight, a higher platform of view to speak of. We've climbed to a higher level and we are more efficient and diligent with his gifts. I thought I had it all together with the above, better sight, discernment and diligence, then a made a mistake. I wrote a blog supposedly with all the above, but the Lord was not with me altogether the day after. I had a blessed day, but it wasn't together. I confessed to my Lord my triumphs and failures that hour. Then I remembered something. When I wrote a blog, I wrote it with a matter-of-fact about it. I took it for granted. And if I'm full of sight, discernment and diligence, I had to confess that I had written the blog without being plainly cheerful about it. I took it as an exercise in wisdom and not a vessel of glad tidings. The Lord told the church at Ephesus, "I know how hard you work for me. And how you are able to discern things. And you haven't abandoned your labors for me, but you are not as cheerful about serving me and others as before." Well that spoke to me and I like to believe something. I like to believe that if there's no charity in our love, than there no magic in the moment. The apostle Paul tells about charity. If I can understand all prophesies but have not charity, than I like a clanging cymbal. If I give all my goods to the poor and my body to be burned, I haven't accomplished  anything, if I didn't do it cheerfully and with all my heart. I feel so blessed that the Lord had to stop what he was doing and take the time to show me this, that I've realized. Believe me I'm glad to tell you this that I share with you. I hope it benefits you too. So I didn't receive all that I wanted this day. But I'm sure glad that my God has not left me to myself. You know the feeling when " they are playing your song". And I hope and pray that I've spoken rightly what the Lord would have me say. I sure hope in Jesus that everything that I say and write and mainly do, that I do it cheerfully with love and abundant good will. May the Lord get into your music... and refresh your heart. May he have all the praise and all the glory. Amen.

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